Catherine has an impressive career spanning over 37 years, with a wealth of leadership experience in national safeguarding for NHS EnglanCatherine Randall.jpgd, as a former Chief Nurse and through providing important support at East Lancashire Hospitals Trust in the response to COVID-19.

In addition to her career, Catherine holds the title of Honorary Professor at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and was awarded the honoured of Queen's Nurse in 2022.

Catherine's extensive qualifications encompass a diverse range of healthcare roles, including registered nurse, midwife, family planning nurse, health visitor, and Nye Bevan graduate and brings her expertise from working within the NHS at local, regional and national levels.

Her areas of particular focus include transformation, safeguarding, and a commitment to incorporating the lived experiences of individuals into healthcare decision-making.

In her new role, Catherine will undertake the position of Chair of the Trust's quality committee, further advancing her mission to enhance healthcare quality and patient experiences.