East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust is dedicated to protecting our patients. This includes ensuring our patients’ right to confidentiality is upheld at ALL times.

Permission to film

Anyone wishing to film or take photographs on any of our sites, must secure permission in advance from the Trust’s Communications Team.  Anyone who is found to be filming or taking photographs on one of our sites without permission will be asked to leave immediately, and footage and photographs already obtained may be confiscated.


All filming requests will be considered on an individual basis. Permission may be given only if the Communications Team is satisfied that all following the conditions are met:  

 All film crews and photographers must be accompanied by a member of Trust staff at all times.

  • No patients or staff are to be filmed without consent.
  • Patients are required to fill in a Trust consent form before proceeding with any filming or photography.
  • If a patient is under 16 years of age, the parent or guardian must complete the consent
  • All film crews and photographers must comply with the Trust’s safety
  • Filming must not interfere with the provision of patient services or effective running of the Trust
  • Patient and staff safety is paramount at all times
  • The privacy of patients must be respected and their dignity preserved
  • Film crews must vacate the area if requested to do so by a senior member of staff
  • If requested by the Trust, the company must show the final version of the film before broadcasting to ensure content is appropriate and matters of confidentiality are not breached.
  • Film may be used only for the purpose identified in the application.

Key principles

The Trust’s consent form must be completed in full by each individual who agrees to be in the footage or the photograph. Some companies may have their own consent form that they wish to use in addition to that of the Trust. This must be sent to and agreed by the Communications Department prior to filming.

Authorisation will be given on the understanding that it may be withdrawn at any point if either a patient or member of staff does not consent to filming.

Laminated notices should be clearly displayed in all areas where cameras are in operation, explaining that filming is taking place. You can see an example of this here. 


Before filming:

All requests for filming or photography must be directed to the Trust’s Communications Team. Details of the request, including dates, specifications and duration must be sent by email to communications@elht.nhs.uk. Please clearly mark the email subject ‘request for filming/photography’

During filming:

  • The film crew must be accompanied by a member of Trust staff at ALL times
  • The Trust’s infection control and all other safety procedures must be observed and respected at all times
  • No patients or staff are to be filmed without obtaining proper consent
  • If a patient or member of staff declines to be filmed, their decision is not to be challenged.


Cars and small vans are able to use the public pay on exit or pay and display car parks within the Trust grounds. If the presence of a larger van or truck is required then notice must be given so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Here to help

Providing that all the criteria are met and the senior clinicians or managers involved have approved the filming, our Communications Team are there to help. The team will be on hand to provide support coordinating people who are being filmed and assisting to identify appropriate locations for filming to take place.