Your future at ELHT...

When you walk through the door, one of the first things you’ll notice is that this Trust is full of talented people. Not just in the fields of medicine, nursing or diagnostics but in every part of the organisation. We are professional and passionate people who are all working together in an open and supportive culture.

We are committed to offering you a rewarding career and ensuring you feel a part of a flexible workforce that constantly seeks fresh ways of delivering the best care for our patients.

We don’t just look at you for who you are now; we look at you for who you could be in the future. We take training seriously, and encourage you to do the same. As a Trust we want to recruit, develop and retain skilled and motivated people to maintain a high performance culture.

Come and be a part of it!

What do our colleagues think about working here?

Valuing our people

We strive to create a workforce that is:

  • skilled, well trained, knowledgeable and flexible
  • motivated and willing to learn
  • customer focused and responsive
  • productive, efficient and comparable with the best
  • striving for continuous improvement
  • committed to the Trust’s aims and values
  • valued for its contribution
  • representative of the communities it serves

If you’re wondering whether we’re the employer for you, the answer is that a career here is what you make of it. The opportunities are all out there, waiting. The rest is up to you.

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Award winning team

In November 2018, the Trust received a prestigious HSJ award for ‘Creating a Supportive Staff Culture’. This demonstrated positive culture change is happening throughout the organisation, and is much more than an ‘initiative’, it is the way we do things at ELHT. Engage to Make a Difference has enabled all our colleagues to play their part in the continuous improvement of the Trust.

Your voice counts

Our National Staff Survey results improve each year. We have above average scores for engagement, and are now in the top 20 percent of organisations on 16 key measures of staff satisfaction. Our own surveys have similar findings – 81 per cent of staff would now recommend the organisation for care and treatment, and 74 per cent recommend it as a place to work.

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