Since the start of the lockdown period in March, parking at the hospitals of East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has been free of charge for patients and visitors throughout the pandemic. We hope that it has made things slightly easier and safer for everyone still needing to come onto the hospital sites. We have managed to retain this change for hospitals in Lancashire and South Cumbria whilst other areas of the North West have reintroduced parking changes.

With our services re-opening and more people returning to the hospital, our car parks are becoming very busy and so we’ve taken the difficult decision to reinstate car parking charges for patients and visitors from Monday 30 November 2020.


Charges for parking in our patient and visitor car parks apply to ALL our five main hospital sites and are the same across all sites.

These are as follows:

0-3 hours = £1.90

3-8 hours = £2.80

8-24 hours = £3.50

Parking is free of charge for Blue Badge holders.

For more specific information for our individual sites please select the relevant drop-down below. 

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

Visitors/external disabled visitors

A designated disabled parking area is available at the main hospital reception next to the visitors car park ‘O’. Limited places are also available at car park ‘J’


Staff visitors

People visiting our staff for meetings or training can use car park J.

Entry to Car Park J for External Visitors is as follows:

Take a ticket at the entry terminal.

You pay for your parking upon leaving by inserting your ticket into the exit terminal followed by a credit/debit card touched on the wireless kay pad.

There is no cash payment method to exit, those wishing to pay cash can only do so at the car park service desk in the main hospital entrance.


Car parking office

The car parking office is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People with accessibility issues can find out more detail about how to access the car parking office here


Burnley General Teaching Hospital

There are 6 designated Pay and Display car parks around the Hospital for patients and visitors to the Trust to use. These are:

  • Car park 1- Opposite Victoria Wing
  • Car park 2 - Opposite the UCLan building 
  • Car park 3 - Outside the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre
  • Car park 4 – Casterton Avenue opposite the UCC department
  • Car park 5 – Opposite Main Outpatients Department
  • Car Park 6 - Opposite Area 7 main entrance

Please ensure you have the correct change to pay for parking as the machines do not give change.

External Disabled Visitors

Designated disabled parking areas can be found around the hospital. 

Accrington Victoria Community Hospital

Access to the car park is made via Garden Street.

Please ensure you have the correct change to pay for parking as the machines do not give change.

Clitheroe Community Hospital

Parking spaces may be limited at peak times. However, we do ask you NOT to park on the main road off-site as this causes obstructions to traffic and inconvenience to local residents. 

Please ensure you have the correct change to pay for parking as the machines do not give change.

Pendle Community Hospital

Please be aware parking spaces may be limited at peak times.

Please ensure you have the correct change if possible to pay for parking but the machines will give change.

Concessionary car parking - Information for patients

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has a concessionary parking ticket available for visitors visiting the hospital frequently.

To qualify for a concessionary ticket you need to complete a form obtained from car parking office in the main entrance, located in the main reception at Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

There is a qualification period of three consecutive days for receipts with a minimum value of £10.50. The form must be signed by a senior nurse on the ward and the car parking team will then issue a ticket which will allow you access to the car park for four separate occasions.

The concessionary ticket will be valid for a period of seven days from the date the ticket was first issued.  When the ticket expires, you must then pay to park and obtain receipts as per the above criteria

In cases where you have been visiting for eight weeks you are entitled to a sixty day pass, this allows for unlimited parking during the sixty day period.  A new form will need to be completed at this stage.

If the patient you are visiting is discharged then re-admitted at a later date, then you will be required to apply again. The concessionary ticket is only valid with receipts from the Trust and the concessionary ticket is only valid at the Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital.