Found something you like?

If something has caught your eye, we’d love for you to apply. Click the 'apply' button on the job advert that you have seen and complete and submit your application. The hiring manager will then review and score your application and assess your suitability for the role.

We have some guidance on this page that will help you complete your application to give you the best chance to be shortlisted for interview.

To help with your application, you can read about ELHT’s values here:

What you need to tell us on your application form

The supporting information section is really important because the manager uses what you have written here to shortlist your application using a scoring matrix. When you are completing your application form it’s always helpful to have the Job Description and Person Specification to hand. This can be found at the bottom of the advert for the role you are applying for.

On the Person Specification you’ll see a list of both essential and desirable criteria that is needed for the job you are looking at. Within your supporting information you need to explain how you meet this criteria.

Giving examples of experience, knowledge and skills that you have is always helpful.


If something on the Person Specification is marked as being assessed by the application form and you don’t mention it, then you won’t get a score for it. This could mean you are not shortlisted for interview.

Application Scoring

The manager will score your application against each of the points within the Person Specification where they will score you either:

  • 0 – you haven’t provided any evidence to demonstrate the criteria
  • 1 – you have mentioned it but haven’t gone into detail or given examples
  • 2 – you have clearly shown that you meet the criteria and explained why and given examples

Example Criteria – Experience of taking accurate minutes at meetings

 Example Answer – I have regularly taken minutes at meetings and then typed them up in Microsoft Word to be circulated to the attendees. I ensure that the minutes are accurate by using spell check and proof reading everything closely.

Once each applicant is scored, the highest applicants are invited to interview, so it’s really important to make sure you sell yourself within that supporting information section and show how you are perfect for the role.

Once the shortlisting has been done, we will contact you by email so make sure that the email address you put on your application form is correct and keep checking your emails and junk folders to make sure you don’t miss anything from us.​​​

Congratulations, you’ve got an interview!

If your application meets the criteria for the role and you score highly enough, you may be invited to come to an interview. This may just be an interview or we may have some other ways that we want to test your ability to do the job as well. You will be told about this when we send the invitation to you. Please read the invitation carefully as you may be asked to log in to our recruitment system and book your own appointment time.

Below are some tips on how to prepare and what to expect if you are invited for an interview.

About your interview

Your interview will either be held face to face or through a video link. Your invitation will include all the details you need so keep an eye out for this.

If your interview is face to face make sure you give yourself enough travel time, leave with plenty of time so you aren’t stressed or flustered when you arrive for your interview. Arriving early can give you time to calm your nerves and remind yourself of the preparation you’ve already done.

Please be aware that parking at some of our Trust sites can be difficult during the working day, so you need to allow enough time to park and get to your interview venue. For more details about our locations click here:

If your interview is remote this would be held via Microsoft Teams, so you would need to download the app “Microsoft Teams” which is free to do on any device that has WiFi and a camera. This could be a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Making sure you have a quiet room during your interview with minimal distractions will help you to focus on your interview and the questions asked.

You will receive a calendar invite from the manager who will be interviewing which will contain a link you will need to click on to join your interview.  

All our interviews are structured around our behavioural framework.

Our top interview tips

  1. Using examples to back up your answers can really help show the interviewers that you have experience and skills and whether this will match the requirements for the role.
  2. If you don’t have relevant experience of a situation, don’t be afraid to say so – but suggest what you would do in that situation or think of another way to demonstrate your ability or skills that they are looking for.
  3. If you don’t understand the question, ask the interviewers for clarification.
  4. Don’t forget that this is also your chance to see if the role is suitable for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, for example about the role or development opportunities.​​​​​


You have been offered the role and are on your way to joining the ELHT family

Great news, your interview went well! The interviewers have considered their notes and any assessment results and you’ve scored the highest score, have been contacted by telephone and offered the role.

What happens next?

If your application is successful, you will receive a phone call with an informal offer from the manager who interviewed you. Assuming you want to accept the role offer, you will then receive a letter called a conditional offer. This will be sent to your email address so make sure you keep checking your emails. The conditional offer letter will contain important information and some steps you’ll need to follow to get you ready to start in your new role.

The conditional offer letter is not a firm offer of employment – this will only be made once you have satisfactorily completed all our pre-employment checks. If you already have a job, you should not hand your notice in at this point.

As soon as you have received your conditional offer, it would be a good idea to begin gathering all the necessary information you will need to support your application. Below are a list of pre-employment checks that we will need to complete.

ID Check

You will be invited to an ID check with our recruitment team where you will need to bring along proof of ID and address. To help with this, follow this link to ensure you have all the documents you’ll need for this appointment.

Disclosure Barred Service (DBS)

This will only be requested if it is a requirement and you are in a patient facing role. You will be sent a link within your conditional offer letter that you will need to complete your online DBS. This is then sent off and once completed you will receive your DBS Certificate directly in the post.

Professional Registration Check

If the role you have been appointed to requires a professional registration, you will be asked to provide a copy of your registration certificate to the recruitment office.

Occupational Health

It’s important that we take you through our occupational health team to make sure that you are protected against certain diseases that are applicable for the role. You will be sent a document called “Work Health Assessment Form” along with your conditional offer letter that you will need to complete and return to our occupational health department. Once the occupational health department has reviewed your forms they will either invite you for a further appointment or clear you to work in the role.

We are required to request references covering a full three-year period. If you have had gaps in employment throughout the last three years, we will need you to complete a personal statement to detail these gaps. Our recruitment team will request your references so please make sure the details on your application form are correct and cover this time. It may help speed up the process and get you started in your new role if you contact your referees so they are aware that a reference will be sent to them that they’ll need to complete.

We have a few different actions our recruitment team need to complete before we can get you started, but please don’t worry about any of this, we are here to make sure the onboarding to your new role is as smooth as possible.

Once the recruitment team has completed the recruitment processes that are mentioned above, you will be contacted by your new manager to organise a start date. We advise that you don’t hand your notice into any current work you are doing until you have this conversation with your new manager to confirm everything is ready for you to start.

Once the start date has been agreed your unconditional offer will be emailed to you.

You are now ready to join ELHT

Congratulations - all your documents are completed, you’ve organised a start date with your new manager and you’ve started in your new role. We are excited to welcome you to join us and be part of the ELHT Family!