If you would like further information about our PPP and/or interested in becoming a member please contact the Patient Experience Team:


01254 734087

01254 734471

Email: patientexperience@elht.nhs.uk

Join our Public Participation Panel

Are you interested in working with East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust to help improve the care, experience and services we provide? Can you work effectively with other people?

If the answer is yes, we would love to hear from you. Our Trust is looking to recruit patient representative volunteers to join our Public Participation Panel.

You can be a service user, a carer, relative or from a local voluntary organisation.  We are particularly keen that membership of the panel is representative of the wide range of people we care for and who live in the communities we serve. You would be expected to attend virtual and / or face to face meetings and champion the voice of patients and service users in the planning and development of services.

As a PPP member you will:

  • Work with staff to ensure the patient voice is embedded within improvement projects
  • Ensure that improvement projects are designed and produced as a team
  • Review patient information leaflets produced by the Trust
  • Review / inspect services or facilities, in conjunction with staff through initiatives such as quality walk rounds or the Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE), that provide an opportunity to visit wards and departments, meet with people who work at the Trust and engage with patients.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the Patient Experience Team:

Email: patientexperience@elht.nhs.uk

Telephone: 01254 734087 / 01254 734471

At East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT) we value the opinions of our service users, so it is essential that we take every opportunity to listen to them and understand their perspective.  We believe that involving and co-producing service developments with patients and the public will help us to continuously improve the care, experience, and services we provide.

Our Public Participation Panel (PPP) is comprised of patients, carers and members of the public who work with the Trust to ensure that the views and experiences of patients and carers continue to reflect the needs and perspectives of service users.

As a member of the PPP you will:

  • Work with the Trust to ensure that patients and the public are involved in shaping services to meet the needs of individuals and the local community.
  • Offer feedback on the patient perspective, working with staff using a co-design approach to ensure that the patient voice is embedded within improvement projects.
  • Help build better working relationships and networks between the Trust, local communities and individuals.
  • Positively influence change and actively engage with people in helping to develop services, meet standards and provide information.
  • Review patient information to ensure it is as user friendly as possible.
  • Take part in the inspection of services in conjunction with staff, for example; Quality Walk-rounds, CQC style mini inspections and the Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) - providing an opportunity to visit wards and departments, meet with staff and engage with patients.

Some projects that our PPP members have taken part in include:

  • Working with the Trust to support a project to develop a Covid rehabilitation pathway
  • Providing patient representation to the Nutrition and Hydration Steering Group and the End of Life Care Strategy and Operational Group
  • Working with the Trust to support a project around advanced care planning.