A number of our Trust policies can be found below:

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon C013 V5.3 Clinical Records Policy 2018.pdf C013_V5.3_Clinical_Records_Policy_2018.pdf 8/15/18 928.95 KB
PDF file icon C031 V5 Freedom of Information Policy 2018.pdf C031_V5_Freedom_of_Information_Policy_2018.pdf 4/2/19 351.60 KB
PDF file icon C045 V3.3 Information Security Policy 2018.pdf C045_V3.3_Information_Security_Policy_2018.pdf 4/2/19 613.36 KB
PDF file icon C077 V2.8 Confidentiality Policy 2020.pdf 10b_C077_V2.8_Confidentiality_Policy_2020_.pdf 4/2/19 1,854.29 KB
PDF file icon C079 V3 Information Governance Policy 2018 C079_V3_Information_Governance_Policy_2018.pdf 8/15/18 889.75 KB
PDF file icon C080 V1.7 Records Management Life Cycle Policy Corporate Records 2019 C080_V1.7_Records_Management_Life_Cycle_Policy_Corporate_Records_2019.pdf 8/15/18 315.67 KB
PDF file icon C134 V2.1 Subject Access Request Policy 2019.pdf C134_V2.1_Subject_Access_Request_Policy_2019.pdf 4/2/19 1,091.99 KB
PDF file icon F26 V1 Registration Authority Policy and Procedure 2018.pdf F26_V1_Registration_Authority_Policy_and_Procedure_2018.pdf 8/15/18 341.86 KB
PDF file icon HR09 V8 Disciplinary Policy and Procedure 2021.pdf HR09_V8_Disciplinary_Policy_and_Procedure_2021.pdf 7/6/21 286.43 KB
PDF file icon HR75 V1.1 Social Media Policy 2019.pdf HR75_V1.1_Social_Media_Policy_2020.pdf 8/15/18 0.00 KB