Post dates clinic:

For women on a low-risk care pathway i.e. with:

  • No pre-existing medical conditions
  • No complications with the pregnancy
  • Have been advised that it is safe to give birth in a low-risk care setting
  • Who does not live with someone who has epilepsy

You may be offered an appointment in the post dates clinic from 40+6wks. This is an hour-long appointment completed by a midwife who has undertaken additional training to deliver this service. You will be offered an antenatal check, membrane sweep (if appropriate) and an aromatherapy treatment including a hand/foot massage using essential oils known to promote labour. This clinic is delivered within Burnley and Blackburn birth centres.

BBB Classes (Bumps, birth and beyond):

Currently this course is being delivered online due to COVID-19 restrictions on face-to-face delivered sessions. 

Active birth workshops:

Other classes/groups within the area (privately run—enquire directly):
  • Aquanatal classes                                                                          
  • Twin and multiple birth group
  • Pregnancy yoga                                                                             
  • Mindfulness classes
  • Pregnancy exercise classes                                                           
  • Hypnobirthing classes
  • Private antenatal education courses                                            
  • Private scanning facilities
Postnatal classes/groups:
  • Breastfeeding groups                                                                    
  • Private Frenulotomy service
  • New baby groups                                                                           
  • Baby massage group
  • Childminders/Grandparents club
  • Sensory rooms (children's centres )