Safe, Personal and Effective care through Research and Innovation

High quality clinical care is central to all that we provide at ELHT and research is an integral part and of vital importance to the development of better health and care for our mothers and babies.

Taking part in Research studies provides us with evidence that will improve the health and well-being of women and their infants.

Our aim is to ensure that all research associated with the Trust is of high quality, ethically sound and of benefit to patient care, leading to improvements in outcomes, including offering new treatments.

We support a wide range of research studies across all aspects of the specialities within Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre. You may be invited to take part in research during your pregnancy, birth and/or your postnatal period. Taking part in research is voluntary and you are under no obligation to take part.

It is important that all women have the opportunity to take part in research, so we aim to provide you with all the information you need to help decide if you want to be involved.

Every study is coordinated by the Specialist Research Team who will be able to answer any questions and help you to decide if participating in research is right for you.

Meet our Team

Bev Hammond
Bev Hammond - Senior Research Midwife/Team Leader
Frances Pickering
Frances Pickering - Research Midwife


Colette Whitaker - Research Nurse
Heather Collier
Heather Collier - Research Nurse
Adine Logan
Adine Logan - Research Nurse
Larissa Heath - Research Midwife
Alex Vaughan 17.11.2022.jpg
Alex Vaughan - Research Midwife
Matt Milner
Matt Milner - Data Manager
Christopher Todd - Research Support Officer
Ellen Smith - Research Nurse
Kerry-Anne Smith - Research Midwife
Melissa Crisham - Research Support Officer
Jen McCallum
Jenn McCallum - Research Support Officer
Helen Smith 17.11.2022.jpg
Helen Smith - Research Midwife

Research Studies

At East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT) we were part of the national research effort to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID-19. The research helped us to learn more about the illness, which people are most at risk, and what treatments benefit those affected. East Lancashire patients and our clinical and research staff all played their part by supporting national, high-priority research studies within our hospitals. 

If you’d like to find out more about research at East Lancashire Hospitals, please visit the research pages of this website or you can also follow us on twitter @ELHTresearch. The Be Part of Research website also provides more information on research and lists the studies taking place in East Lancashire and nationally throughout the NHS.

Patient Experience

Improving patient care is the reason we conduct research. We cannot provide this without patients willing to take part. The true testament of our work is the benefit we bring to patients.

A study found that participants in obstetric and gynaecology trials (specifically randomised controlled trials) experience better outcomes compared with non‐participants – an increase of up to 25% improved outcomes.

Please see full article here.  ​​​​​​

An example of ELHT patients discussing the benefits of taking part in research is found below:

How to contact us

For information about any of our studies, please contact the Women and Children’s Health research team:

Burnley General Teaching Hospital: 01282 803081

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital: 01254 732650