What is BadgerNet Maternity?

BadgerNet Maternity is an electronic maternity healthcare record system, created and managed by CleverMed Ltd. It allows real-time recording of all events wherever they occur: in the hospital, the community, or at home. This includes both high risk (consultant-led) and low risk (midwife-led) pregnancy pathways. Based on a woman-centred care model, the BadgerNet Maternity system comes with a portal for women to view and access their own maternity records online.

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Badger Notes is the online portal and app that allows you to access your maternity records over the internet through your PC, tablet device or mobile phone. The information that you view is generated in real-time from your hospital-based maternity system record, using details entered by your midwife or other health professionals involved in your care.

What are the key features of the system?
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Care Plan
  • A week by week timeline of your pregnancy
  • Learn about your baby’s development
  • Access information recommended by your midwife
  • Learn about events likely to happen each week
  • View your booked appointments
  • Write a personal diary entry and add a photo
  • Enter BP or pulse oximetry readings if asked to do so by your Midwife
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Maternity Record
  • View extracts of information direct from your medical Record

  • View the members of your care team

  • Watch the ‘Antenatal care summary’ report grow into a record of some of your key pregnancy events
  • Submit your thoughts and questions about your antenatal care, birth plan and postnatal care to your midwife – they will review this with you at your next scheduled visit
  • A full library of the Hospital’s Pregnancy Patient Information leaflets

What are the benefits?

Badger Notes have replaced our handheld notes. There are a number of benefits to using Badger Notes over paper notes, and these include:

  • Information can be shared with you directly from the maternity system

  • Records can be easily updated at each maternity visit or appointment

  • Midwives do not have to double enter data onto paper handheld notes

  • Only those with the correct login details are able to access the notes.

You can add information regarding:

  • Yourself, such as your occupation and any allergies. This can be discussed with your midwife at your booking appointment
  • Your plans and preferences for birth
  • Feedback regarding your antenatal care, labour and birth experiences.

How secure is it?
  • All information is held securely and cannot be accessed without the correct login details (similar to internet banking).

  • Badger Notes is powered by BadgerNet, the same secure platform used by healthcare professionals involved in your maternity care.

Badger Notes Tutorial QR CodeWatch the Badger Notes Tutorial Video

Please scan the QR code to watch the tutorial video which shows you how to set yourself up and the features available to use throughout your pregnancy. Alternatively, you can see the FAQ's below.


How to access Badger Notes on your smartphone or tablet

On your smart phone/ or tablet: Download the Badger Notes app from the relevant App Store:


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To access Badger Notes on your PC: 

You can login to Badger Notes via https://www.badgernotes.net.

  • The booking team will use your email address and mobile phone number you provided in your referral to set up your access.
  • You will need to register for your account by using your email address and, the passphrase that was sent to you following completion of the self-referral form.  After entering these on the app you will be sent a verification code via text to your phone.
  • Upon entering the verification code, you will be prompted to create your own password.
  • Once you have logged in you will be prompted to create a 6 digit PIN to use on your phone/tablet for quick access.
  • For added security we recommend that you set a lock-screen password on your device if this is not already present.

How to create an account

Once you have downloaded the app/accessed it on your mobile phone, click ‘Create Account’

You’ll just need:

  • The passphrase given to you by your maternity team
  • Your mobile phone to receive your verification text
  • To follow the on-screen instructions to set a password (for logging in) and a PIN code (for quick access to your app while it is logged in)

I'm trying to create a account, but when I input my email and signup code I get the message 'The sign-up information is not correct'

  • If you are trying to register within 15 minutes of the maternity team issuing you the passphrase (known as the sign up code), there may be a network delay. Please try again later in the day.
  • Check that you received a Badger Notes email invitation. You do not need to receive this in order to create your account, but if you didn’t it may indicate that an error has been made in how your email address has been recorded in the system, please contact your maternity team to check this.
  • If you did receive a Badger Notes email invitation then there may be a problem with the passphrase/sign up code you were given, please contact your maternity team to check this – remember, the passphrase is case sensitive.

I'm trying to create a account - my email and security phrase were accepted but I have not received a verification code SMS text message

The text message will be sent to the phone number recorded in the system by your maternity team. Please contact your maternity team to check this.

I'm trying to create an account - when I enter my email address and passphrase I get the message 'You already have an account'

This message means that the system has found an existing account which contains the email address you entered. This would be the case if:

  • You had used the Badger Notes app for a previous pregnancy (even if this was many years ago)
  • You used the app ‘Baby Diary’ in the past
  • You were assigned friends and family access to the ‘Baby Diary’ app in the past
  • If you require further information on this please discuss this with your maternity team who will be able to log a ticket with the supplier if required.

Tip – If you don’t remember your password for your existing account, you can use ‘forgotten password’ on the login page

I already have an account - how do I add a new care record?

Log into Badger Notes using the email address and password that you set up when you first used Badger Notes, Maternity Notes or Baby Diary.

Tip – If you don’t remember your password for your existing account, you can use ‘forgotten password’ on the log in page.

  • Click the menu button highlighted below
  • Select ‘Add a care record’
  • Input the passphrase that the midwife or neonatal nurse gave you
  • A verification code will be sent to your mobile phone number
  • The app will then display your new care record
  • You can switch between your care records by accessing the profile menu, the current one being displayed is marked with a green tick

Adding a care record.JPG

I have changed my email address since I first created my account so I can't use my new email address to log in

To resolve this:

  • Log into the app using your previous email address – your old email address will still be your current username
  • Click the menu button highlighted below
  • Click ‘edit profile’
  • You will be able to change your email address. Next time you log out you will need to use your new email address to log in again.

I have changed my mobile phone number since I created the account and so I cannot log in because I am not receiving the SMS verification code

Visit the Badger Notes website and log in using your existing password.

  • Select ‘profile’ and go to ‘edit your account’
  • You will be able to change the mobile number on your existing account. Once this is updated, you will be able to log into the app and receive a verification code.

If you do not remember your existing password and you have changed your mobile phone number please contact your maternity team who can change your mobile phone number in the Portal Admin note on your medical record to resolve this problem.

I have forgotten my password

Go to the log in page and use the ‘forgotten your password?’ link to reset your password. You can also use ‘forgotten your password?’ on the website.

I tried to log in but got the message 'The information entered is incorrect'

Check that you are using the email address you originally created the account with. If your email address is the same as when you originally created the account then go to the log in page and use the ‘forgotten your password?’ link to reset your password.

I have logged in but I am only seeing details from a previous pregnancy

  • Click the menu button highlighted below
  • In the ‘care records’ section check if you can see the details of your current pregnancy. The record that is currently being displayed is marked with a blue tick. You can click on a care record to switch to view it.
  • If you cannot see your most recent pregnancy in the list you need to use the ‘add care record’ – see troubleshooting question ‘adding a new care record to an existing account’

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Entering information prior to your first booking appointment

When you first access Badger Notes it would be really useful if you could enter some information into your record, prior to your first booking appointment.​

  • ​Log into Badger Notes
  • Select ‘My Personal Care Plan
  • Select the link in the Pre-Booking section and enter as much information as you can. This will give the midwife more time to spend with you to answer any questions.
  • Your midwife will check this information with you at the booking.

Some information in my record looks wrong or doesn't match what I was told by my health care professional

The personal information you see in Badger Notes is from your electronic medical record. Please contact your maternity team if you are concerned that any information is incorrect or confusing.

It will be helpful to the maternity team if you can make a note of where in the app/web the data is incorrect (for example, the name of the report in which the information appears) and exactly what the incorrect entry says, this will help the maternity team find the source of the issue.

When I click on 'Maternity Record' I can only see a report named 'Welcome'

The ‘Maternity Record’ section of the web/app contains a series of reports which contain published extracts from your electronic medical record. As you progress along your pregnancy journey additional reports will become available.

To begin with you will just see the ‘Welcome’ report. When you have attended your booking appointment and the maternity team has recorded your estimated date of delivery you will then see ‘My Key Details’ report and ‘Antenatal Care Summary’ which will build up to give a chronological view of key elements of your pregnancy journey.

When you have a dating scan the report ‘ultrasound scans’ becomes available if your maternity team publishes this. If you have had your antenatal booking assessment and think you should be able to see your reports please contact your maternity team.

I can't see my full ultrasound scan reports

The app does not contain copies of full ultrasound scan reports as produced by the sonography team. In the ‘Maternity Record’ section of the app you may see a report called ‘My Ultrasound Scans’.

The information in this report comes from data entered in your medical record by the clinical team which provides summary information about the scan.

The clinical team has to ‘publish’ this information in order for you to see it. Please contact your maternity team for more information on your scans.

If the FAQ's above don't help you to resolve your issue, or if you'd like to share feedback on the app, please contact badgernetimplementation@elht.nhs.uk.