Meet the Team

Midwifery Leaders 

Head of Midwifery and Divisional Director of Nursing for Family Care

Tracy Thompson

Deputy Head of Midwifery and Lead for Birth Centres

Caroline Cowman

Matron for Central Birth Suite, Triage, Antenatal Ward and Induction Suite 

Rebecca Sessions

Matron for Postnatal Ward, Antenatal Clinic and Antenatal Day Unit (ADU) 

Louise Bardon

Matron for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Transitional Care

Ruth Dawson

Antenatal Clinic and Antenatal Day Assessment Unit Manager

Lorraine Bray

Antenatal Ward and Triage Department Manager

Jamaella Anderton

Burnley Birth Centre and Rossendale Birth Centre Managers

Pamela Dewhurst and Gemma Smith

Blackburn Birth Centre Manager

Justine Molloy

Central Birth Suite Leaders

Collette Gregory

Angie Harrison

Rebecca Law

Nicola McGahey

Helen Rushton

Caroline Smith

Rebecca White

Katie Wrightson

Postnatal Ward Manager

Jayne Case


Specialist Midwives

Baby Friendly Initiative Team

Sue Henry

Jenny Howarth

Donna Butler

Mischa Russell


Kathryn Sansby


Sarah Carter

IT Digital Midwife

Andrew Lumsden

Perineal Clinic

Annette Dugdale

Perinatal Mental Health

Clare Yates

Natalie Woodruff

Midwife Sonographer

Julie Dimbleby

Substance Misuse

Elizabeth Maddran

Louise Slater

Antenatal Wellbeing and Screening Team

Janyce Sutherland

Joanne Hilton

Fiona Dizi

Foetal Monitoring Lead Midwife

Jane Ash

Maternity Education Team

Emma Jefferson

Hayley Craig

Emma Bell

Continuity of Carer Lead Midwife 

Jessica Sandford


Consultant Obstetricians

Jon Ash

Fiona Clarke

Fiona Hamer

Helen Collier

Sarah Loveridge

Sarah Davies

Justine Nugent

Manish Golash

John Shanks

Yen Liew

Ruth Smith

Martin Maher

Mark Willett

Catherine Mckenzie

Robyn Wittersheim

Nethra Shankaralingaiah


Consultant Neonatologists

Andrew Cox

Anshuman Paria

Rajasri Seethamraju

Savi Shivashankar

Amitava Sur