Provided everything goes well with your labour and birth, planning your discharge home will begin as you arrive on the ward and most people go home in 12-24 hours.

The midwives on the ward will complete all your paperwork to make sure all aspects of your continuing care are arranged and your community midwife is aware of your birth outcome and initial postnatal care. 

Please be assured the staff will complete your discharge in a timely manner and your patience in this process is appreciated.  

Your GP, health visitor and community midwife will be informed that you and your baby are going home.  Once home, your community midwife will visit you and arrange care for both you and your baby.  Your midwife will give a contact telephone number.  If you have not received a visit from the community midwife please telephone the birth centre in your area or the postnatal ward on 01282 804010

You will usually see the community midwife in the first few weeks to check on you and the baby’s wellbeing.  When your baby is 5 days old, they will need a heel prick test as part of the neonatal screening programme this is undertaken at special clinics at the birth centres.  At 10 days of age, the midwife may transfer your care to the health visitor, although in some cases midwifery care may last until day 28.

If your baby is in the Neonatal Unit

You will be offered a single room or a bed in a bay with other people whose babies are in the Neonatal Unit. You will be encouraged to express breast milk for your baby and assistance will be given