The Central Birth Suite in the Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre (LWNC) provides care for women during all stages of their pregnancy and is a centre of excellence for those women with complex pregnancies.

Having only been open since 2010 it is equipped to provide specialist care to women with both obstetric and medical problems and has two alongside theatres to provide both elective (planned) and emergency care.

Each shift on central birth suite is staffed with a senior midwife who is supported by the remainder of the team, to include:

  • Midwives
  • Obstetricians
  • Theatre staff
  • Anaesthetists
  • Maternity care assistants
  • Student midwives
  • Domestic staff

Regular training and excellent team working make the Central Birth Suite a centre of excellence to have your baby whether the pregnancy is low risk or complex.

All staff aim to provide excellent, quality care whilst promoting and encouraging normality, ensuring the physiological process of birth is respected and that women experience a positive and fulfilling birth that supports your individual holistic needs. Whilst the birth suite in the main supports women with complex pregnancies, choices are always respected and facilitated where possible. All staff members of the multi-disciplinary team are proactive on the Central Birth Suite in supporting women in their choice of place and preferences for labour and birth.


  • 18 single birthing rooms with en-suite facilities.
  • A two-bedded close observation unit for those who require additional monitoring following the birth of your baby. This unit is supported by a team of midwives who have undertaken specialist training in critical care in pregnancy.
  • Two birth pools with the availability of waterproof, mobile fetal monitoring.
  • Level 3 neonatology provision.
  • 24-hour care is provided.
  • Two separate suites are available to provide a sensitive and sympathetic environment in which privacy and dignity are respected so that bereaved families can spend time with their baby. These families are supported by a team of midwives working within the bereavement team on central birth suite with additional support and leadership from the specialist bereavement midwife.
  • The team of staff has the expertise and skill to provide a safe and caring environment facilitating and supporting normality and offering choice, as a result of this we can offer personalised care planning for complex births.

The central birth team always welcome feedback from users and families to continue to develop and improve services. 

User representatives are always welcome to meet with us as we need to understand what services local women/families want us to deliver.  We value you as our users and want to provide the best quality service for you.