The antenatal clinic for is run from three separate sites:

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital 

Burnley General Teaching Hospital 

Rossendale Primary Health Care Hub

The site you attend will depend on two main factors

  • Which area of East Lancashire you live in
  • If there are any additional pregnancy needs for your 12 week and/or your 20 week scans

You will be seen by a midwife after your 12 week scan to ensure you have all relevant appointments booked.  

You will be placed on a pathway of care depending on your needs which will be either midwifery-led care, whereby you will only need to attend for the two scans, or consultant-led care where you may be asked to attend for several appointments.

Click here for information on care during your pregnancy.

We have specialised clinics on both Burnley General and Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital sites on various days:


  • Twin clinic
  • Diabetes clinic
  • Medical clinic
  • Perinatal mental health
  • Rainbow clinic
  • Fetal medicine


  • Obstetric medical clinic
  • Diabetes clinic


  • Obstetric clinic

Antenatal Day Assessment Unit (ADU)

There is an ADU on both Royal Blackburn and Burnley General Teaching Hospital sites. You may be asked to attend here if you are over 20 weeks and need to be seen by a midwife or an obstetric Doctor.

Contact numbers

Antenatal Clinic Blackburn - 01254 732925

Antenal Clinic Burnley - 01282 804374

Antenatal Day assessment Unit - 01282 804274