About the service

At East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust we have:

  • 16 consultant Obstetric Consultant Anaesthetists leading the service
  • 24-hour resident anaesthetic cover for the Central Birth Suite and our two dedicated obstetric theatres
  • A 24-hour epidural-on-request service (hyperlink to epidural information)
  • 24-hour availability of Remifentanil Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) as an option for pain relief in labour

We offer anaesthetic consultation clinics for those with conditions that may affect their anaesthetic options.

Our obstetric anaesthetists also work on the Close Observation Unit together with obstetricians and midwives to look after unwell parents.

In addition:

  • ELHT Obstetric Anaesthetists promote regional anaesthesia (awake anaesthesia) for Caesarean Section
  • ELHT Obstetric Anaesthetists support early and immediate skin-to-skin for new parent and baby whenever possible
  • ELHT Obstetric Anaesthetists support enhanced recovery after Caesarean Section whenever possible

Further information about options for pain relief in labour and anaesthesia for caesarean section can also be found on www.labourpains.org