Connect2Physio is a group of NHS Physiotherapists working at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and specifically with the Integrated Musculoskeletal, Pain and Rheumatology Service which includes physiotherapy. They have created a number of specific exercise routines for patients with Spinal, Upper Limb or Lower Limb issues.

These videos, once instructed by a trained medical professional to use specific exercises, will allow the patient to improve the part of the body required for continued care.

Disclaimer / Copyright: 
"These videos are professionally created and the property of East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and should not be used or copied without Conect2Physio’s permission. These exercises should not be used without prior consultation with a medical professional as the use of the wrong exercise may cause additional health related issues and discomfort."


The videos are split into 3 categories dependent on which area of your body your problem is:

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