The Emergency Department team works closely together to ensure that each member of staff can focus on delivering excellent standards of care in a very busy area of the Trust. 

The team is led by Consultant in charge and Nurse in charge on each shift and is made up of doctors, nurses and support staff.

The department currently has 19 Emergency Medicine Consultants and one specifically training in Paediatric Emergency Medicine working alongside the Consultants are a number of senior (middle-grade) and junior doctors.

In addition to the doctors there are Advanced Care Practitioners, Physicians Associates, Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Physiotherapists. These teams of clinicians assess and manage patients throughout the department and at our other sites in Burnley and Accrington. Burnley Urgent Treatment Centre is led by two Primary Care Consultants.

Royal Blackburn and Burnley General achieved individual teaching hospital status in ​December 2016 and continue to have medical students from the Universities of Lancaster and UCLAN working under supervision within the department and other areas of the hospital. 

The role of nurses within the Emergency Department has expanded in recent years and the department has a variety of nursing staff roles.

They include Matron, Assistant Matron, Senior Nurse, Sister/Charge Nurse and Registered Nurse who are all able to assess, treat and discharge patients.

This also includes Nursing Associates and Student Nurses who are all able to assess and treat patients and we have a dedicated Paediatric nursing team.

The Emergency Department doctors and nurses make up just part of the multi-disciplinary team working in the department.

Other important members of staff include Health Care Assistants, Care Support Worker, Ambulance Liaison, Patient Champion, Play Leader and Housekeeper who all help to support doctors and nurses in delivering safe, effective and personal care to patients, and offering additional support to family members and visitors.  

Uniform guide

To help you understand who is who in our Emergency Department, here is our uniform guide:

  • Matron - Purple
  • Assistant Matron - Purple with navy piping
  • Senior Nurse - Navy with white piping
  • Sister/Charge Nurse - Navy
  • Nurse - Blue
  • Health Care Assistant - Teal
  • Care Support Worker - Burgundy
  • Ambulance Liasion - Red
  • Patient Champion - Yellow
  • Consultant/Senior Clinician - Grey
  • Duty Doctor - Green
  • Student Nurse - Light grey with red piping
  • PLay Leader - Pink
  • Housekeeper - Black

Uniform Guide.jpg