What we do

The chest clinic is primarily used by the respiratory team of Chest physicians, Advanced Nurse practitioners and Nurse specialists treating patients with a wide variety of respiratory conditions.

A number of other clinics are also held in the department.

Patient attend for both new and follow up consultations ​​​​​​.

Patients access the service via referral from their GP, follow up on discharge from hospital or internal transfer between consultants.

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

Level 1

Chest clinic is situated on the main corridor.

If you arriving via the main entrance please turn left at WHSmith, continue to the end of the corridor, turn right and chest clinic is situated on your right.

If you are arriving via the entrance near to the restaurant please turn left, use either the stairs or lift to level one, on exiting the lift/stairs turn right and continue along the corridor past the Pharmacy until you arrive at Chest Clinic on your left.

At the hospital, please look out for our self-check kiosks, these are located at the main entrance to the hospital and in various locations within the building.  Simply follow the on screen instructions, the kiosks allow you to change your title, telephone including mobile number and ethnicity details.  If any of your other details have changed please inform the receptionist as it is very important that we keep our records up to date.  Leaflets regarding this service are available in our outpatient areas.

Once you have successfully checked in, your appointment details will be displayed and you will be directed to the relevant clinic area and requested to take a seat until the nurse calls you into clinic.

Alternatively please report to the chest clinic reception as indicated on your appointment card or letter. Please inform the receptionist if you have changed your address, telephone (including mobile number) or General Practitioner.

You will then be asked to take a seat until the nurse calls you into clinic.

Disabled Go www.disabledgo.com for information relating to the hospital for people who may need assistance with access but also very useful for other patients too.

Respiratory Physicians

Dr Wilson

Dr Zaman

Dr Hafeez

Dr Khalid

Dr Nama

Dr Ruggerio


Advanced Practitioner Janine Hood

COPD nurse specialists

TB Nurse specialists

Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists

Enquiries to the service should be made to the appropriate consultants secretary via the hospital switchboard or for appointments, including cancellations via the hospital booking office

Booking Office contact number:  01282 804496

Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. 8am till 5pm.

What to bring to your appointment –

Please refer to your appointment letter for anything specific to your appointment

You may also wish to consider -

  • Money for prescriptions or an exemption certificate
  • Change for car-parking and refreshments
  • Your diary to book any future appointments
  • Proof of residency & legitimate entitlement to live in the UK; (if applicable you be asked to provide evidence e.g. British or European Union passport, Visa etc as proof of lawfully living in UK and proof of residency of at least 12 months, e.g. pension book, council tax/utility bill)
  • Your benefit allowance book if you are eligible to claim for travelling expenses

Waiting times

Every effort is made to ensure that you are seen as near as possible to your appointment time. You may appreciate, however, that it is not always possible to guarantee this time as the time the Doctor takes to examine each patient may vary.

There are also factors that influence waiting times, e.g. the Doctor may be called away to an emergency on the ward or in the Operating Theatre. You will be kept informed by the staff of any delays. If you are anxious about having to wait, please mention this to a Nurse or Receptionist.

Patients are seen in appointment time order not in the order in which they arrive. Please book in for your appointment no more than 10 minutes prior to your appointment time, do not arrive too early.

Other relevant information about the service/department/ward


A consultation is simply an interview and a medical examination with the Doctor. This may not be the consultant to whom you have been referred – but one of his/her medical team. Nursing staff may also be present.

It is sometimes useful to write down any questions you may wish to ask the doctor before you attend the clinic, as it is easy to forget once you are in an unfamiliar and perhaps anxious situation.

In some cases there may be a need for pre-consultation tests which could prolong your stay e.g. eye test, urine test, x-ray, blood test.

Clinical Teaching and Other Learners

It is the hospital policy to assist medical students during their training. You may, therefore be asked for them to be present during your examination.

You have the right to refuse if you wish.

Diabetic Patients

It is advisable that you carry some food and glucose tablets with you in case you are delayed beyond normal meal times.

You may be invited to participate in the Trusts Friends and Family or Outpatient Survey.