Ready for a tea party like no other?

The #NHSBigTea is coming on 5th July, the NHS’s birthday.

It’s a national celebration of our amazing NHS staff – ordinary, yet extraordinary people who continue to go above and beyond for us and our loved ones. Poured with support from our friends at Morrison’s.
Together, we’ll pour out our love, thanks, joy, and reflection, and help raise funds to support our NHS champions, who need us more than ever.
Will you say a big thank you with a Big Tea this July?

Each event can be in person or virtual, with the community, friends, family, or at work, and is a chance to reflect and say thank you for everything that NHS staff and volunteers have done and continue to do, by taking part in the nation’s biggest tea break to raise money for ELHT&Me.

 People can host their own event or they can show their support by taking 5 minutes to enjoy a tea break, texting NHS5 to 70085to gift £5 to support your NHS charity and tagging five friends on social media, and calling on them to do the same.

Register your Big Tea Party: or call 01254 732140 and get your pack today.



Hosting online can be just as fun

If you can’t get together in person, don’t forget that there are many ways to make a group video call using
platforms like Zoom, Webex, 8x8 and Skype. Or for groups of 8 or less, WhatsApp. Just get everyone
together on your preferred platform and get the laughter, love, and energy flowing. You could brew a game
of bingo, or draw each other’s pour-traits. Or, for a game that’s as easy as A, B, Tea, see how many
teabags you can all throw into an empty mug in 30 seconds. Want to stir it up a bit? Get everyone to do it blindfolded.

Spread the word and spread the love for our NHS

Let everyone know we’re brewing a national thank you by sharing your excitement on social media with
#NHSBigTea and remember to tag ELHT&Me too!

Or if you’re more of a real-life-rally-er, you can request a poster, and stick it up in pride of place.
Simple but effective.

Big ideas for your Big Tea

Once you sign up, we’ll send you a fundraising kit to help you plan your Big Tea event – whether it’s in person or over a video chat – and raise as much money as possible for the people at the heart of the NHS.

Top tips for fundraising

Posters to spread the word