Fundraise for Lent
17 February - 3 April

Lent is the 40 days before Easter and many people choose to use this as an opportunity to give something up.

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?
Looking to cut back on the coffee, or curb a chocolate craving.  Perhaps you need to put a cap on the amount of hours spent binge-watching the latest Netflix series  or  limit the time spent scrolling through social media.  Or should you be cutting down on those weekly takeaways?

How can I help?
No matter what your vice, whether it’s a cheeky chocolate treat in the afternoon, a Saturday night takeaway, an addiction to the social media ‘scroll’, or you’re glued to your games console - Give it up for Lent and fundraise for ELHT&Me.

It could be a digital detox, curbing a craving for soft drinks or pizza, or giving up alcohol for 40 days or even taking up a new healthy habit. Perhaps you could run 40 miles in 40 days?  Whatever your sacrifice or challenge, get your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. Alternatively, you can just donate the amount you would have spent on your coffees, treats or whatever it is you’ve given up to ELHT&ME and help us make a difference.

Here are a few ways that your sacrifice can help the hospital’s incredible work…

£18 –  40 days subscription to Netflix could fund a comfort pack, including clothing and toiletries for patients admitted to hospital, who have no other way to access these essential items,  making their hospital stay just that little bit easier

£40 – what you might spend on a takeaway for the family – could pay for art and craft materials, activity sheets, puzzle books and games, to help keep boredom at bay and our young patients smiling!

£120 - the cost of a cup of coffee for 40 days could resource a wellbeing space with essential mindfulness materials, as well as supplies to help staff get through their shifts such as a toaster, kettle, tea, coffee and snacks, encouraging them to relax, collect their thoughts and take some important time out. 

ELHT&Me’s top tips:

  1. Get as many people as you can involved for moral support – and to stop you when they see you near the sweets!
  2. Every time you get a craving for something, put the amount it would cost into a ‘change jar’ so you can see the impact you are making instead of succumbing.
  3. Congratulate yourself afterwards! By the end of your challenge, not only will you have achieved a great personal goal, you will have made a difference to the hundreds of patients and staff at ELHT.
  4. Giving something up is hard. If you fall foul to a chocolate treat or a slice of cake, pay a penalty by donating to your JustGiving page or ‘change jar’. The bigger the foul, the bigger the penalty!


Get in touch

For more fundraising help, please call us on 01254 732140 or email We really look forward to supporting you with all of your fundraising!