'Patients Choice' is the ultimate of our annual STAR Awards as these candidates are nominated soley by patients and members of the public. 

The submissions this year were outstanding and having narrowed them down to the final three, we now want YOU to vote for your winner! 

Please read through the nominations and then vote below! 

Dr Helen Coutts

Dr Helen Coutts is an absolute credit to East Lancashire Hospitals Trust. The care, compassion and respect she shows towards children in her care and also their families is outstanding and deserves recognition. Dr Coutts explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, empathetic and clear. As a parent I faced many barriers to accessing the correct care and treatment for my son within primary care. Dr Coutts has always supported and helped wherever needed, returning phone calls, emailing other professionals and doing her absolute best to support us as a family. In times when I felt no other professional understood, or listened or supported, Dr Coutts has restored our faith in the health care system.

Dr Coutts has always gone above and beyond to provide safe, personal, effective care for my son. She has also responded to any health care issues and put through referrals efficiently. She has always been on hand to answer queries and return phonecalls when needed. Most of all, what matters, is feeling listened to - it's hard enough being a parent without feeling you are wasting professionals time even with legitimate concerns, Dr Coutts always made us feel welcome during our appointments and took the time to speak through everything and answered all our questions.

Andrea Eccles

I visit the hospital many times a year being diabetic but never have I met such a pleasant kind and informative receptionist. By being so welcoming and informative she couldn’t do enough for us and she was like this with all the visitors to the department. I was extremely impressed. Her manner was so polite and such a lovely person.

She should be the trust role model for all reception staff. Her behaviour and manner were outstanding. It appeared to come naturally to her to treat patients like this, with dignity and total respect. 

The way she welcomed us and put us at ease shows a depth of warmth and a caring manner and by the way she personally addressed us. She kept us informed and answered our questions or spoke to someone who could answer them. She is naturally a star!

Gastro IBD Team

Their compassion and empathy helped me out of a state of depression when I was diagnosed with UC. I spent a month in bed until I started seeing the nurses and just that I could call them anytime for advice has really changed my life.

They are a credit to the system, I can leave a message at any time and even when they are so busy I know they’ll get back to me as soon as they can to offer advice. I know how hard they work and how busy their service is and they still make time to get back to me.

They always try their hardest to push my condition to consultants to ensure I get the best possible care. They fought for my medication to be changed and it’s changed my life in a matter of months. I always know they have my best interests at heart and it shows when you speak to them and they are constantly reevaluating my medication and care to ensure I’m on the right path.


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