'Patients Choice' is the ultimate of our annual STAR Awards as these candidates are nominated solely by patients and members of the public. 

The submissions this year were outstanding and having narrowed them down to the final three, we now want YOU to vote for your winner! 

Please read through the nominations and then vote below! 

Mr Gary Cousin

I have been under Mr cousins team for the past three years. He has always made me aware of each process and the outcomes. I have never been so scared of an operation yet so safe at the same time. That is what makes the most amazing surgeon. He would answer each and every question and made sure I knew how each stage would impact my life. He was supportive caring and professional throughout. Not once did I find his knowledge questionable or feel the need to ask him to repeat what he had told me. He broke everything down and Was there at every single appointment and there on the day to lead my surgery.

He made the most stressful and difficult time of my life easy and fluid. He came to see me when I woke up, when I got upset and the weeks to follow. The NHS should be proud if this man and the job he does.

This man is exactly what a surgeon and NHS employee should be. With this man leading a team I have no doubt that the up coming surgeons will follow his lead and continue to provide the support and care to the highest of standards. He is remarkable and deserves the acknowledgment.

Lindsey Barrett

I could never could begin to explain how truly grateful I am for everything Lindsey has done to help us over the last year and months. Having her support through some of the worst times has been invaluable. I don’t think that unless you live it or work closely within our circles you can begin to comprehend the daily stresses, concerns and worries that come with having a child like my son.

Lindsey's support over the phone, via email and one to one check ups meant that in our most desperate times I felt my family and I were always doing our best to support my child and I had that professional advice to lean on. Knowing that I could contact her to talk through the latest situations and our plan of action to tackle what was in front of us when my son was at his most vulnerable made me feel we were doing the correct treatment at the most appropriate times. 

I sincerely believe I would have lost my son earlier had it not been for the support and guidance Lindsey offered. A bold statement I know...but I also knew my son very well....and he would not have come back home after every hospital visit without your constant support. 

Lindsey was always there to help me and I know she went above and beyond her job when she stayed late or rang early in the morning as her shift started because she knew I was worrying. Over my son's life I have dealt with many, many, many professionals and I can tell you that Lindsey is up there on a pedestal. Thank you Lindsey again for being there!

Adele Ormerod

Adele is an absolute credit to your team. Patient, caring, compassionate and extremely dignified beyond belief. She has put both my Mum and all our family at total ease throughout my Mum's treatment (which is still ongoing). 

She really is a credit to Royal Backburn Teaching Hospital and deserves the recognition - Health Care Assistants do so much and she is an absolute angel. 

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