The following members of staff have been shortlisted for our prestigious 'Employee of the Year' Award. 

All candidates have previously won our 'Employee of the Month' accolade and now is your chance to vote on your favourite and most worthy winner by using the voting poll at the bottom of the page. 

Sean Greenwood

The Trust was informed of a major internal flood at Clitheroe Hospital at 3am on 28/03/2019.

Sean Greenwood was Shift Engineer on duty for the night shift and received the call to attend the incident. He arrived on site to find the whole of the ground floor of CCH was flooded with hot water caused by a burst pipe above the suspended ceiling. Water was spraying out all over, covering critical electrical services and equipment. Suspended ceilings had collapsed as well as flooding numerous rooms and corridors.

Sean dived straight in to try and stop the burst pipe causing further damage, getting completely soaking wet in the process. Undeterred, Sean continued working to stop the flood as well as co-ordinating extra subcontractor resources to ensure that the Estates contingency plans were put in place to safeguard Patient and Staff safety during the incident.

Sean had to change out of his soaking wet clothes into the only other clothing available on site…….some patient pyjamas!.

Sean then continued to work on for another 4 hours to contain the flood dressed in only pyjamas and then stayed for an extra 2 hrs after his shift had finished to ensure minimal disruption to patient services.

Sean’s commitment ensured that all outpatients’ services were available the next morning without any appointments being cancelled and that the main kitchens were able to provide patient meals on time.

The contingency plan was a complete success and concluded without any further incident. This was in part due to Sean’s dedication to getting the job done.

Tracey Smith

Tracey's recent initiative – The Natter Shack Scheme embodies all our visions and values which the Trust promotes on a daily basis. The scheme also helps with health and wellbeing as a lot of staff and public suffer with daily anxieties and feelings of loneliness, by providing a space for people to sit and share company.

Due to Tracey’s compassionate qualities she has now incorporated this scheme within ELHT – involving Communications, HR and our Catering Teams across sites.  Her commitment to this scheme has seen it grow from strength to strength with growing involvement from outside agencies. Tracey has shown her caring nature whilst doing this in her own time and the scheme has proved to be very effective with growing numbers at each event.

The Natter Shack Scheme started outside of work when Tracey visited a coffee shop during her annual leave.  She noticed there were a lot of customers who were sat alone and she then engaged within a conversation which highlighted how lonely people are on a day to day basis. That evening Tracey went onto social media to express what had happened and following this she created a social media group called The Natter Shack. There are now over 13 cafes across Burnley and Pendle who have taken part to allow their premises to be used for the Natter Shack Scheme.  On the 17 July following a meeting, the Head of Catering at ELHT has agreed to launch Natter tables for visitors, patients and staff alike.

Rebecca White

Myself and my husband lost our triplet boys at 18 weeks pregnant. Rebeccas was the midwife that was with us throughout the delivery of the boys. She made myself and my husband feel safe and we put our full trust in her and her team. She made us feel like we had known her forever whilst remaining professional at all times. Informing us of what was happening and what to expect. 

Putting patients first - Rebecca stayed by myself and my husband throughout our traumatic experience. Even after her shift had ended, she stayed to support us. Rebecca respected me as an individual but also included my husband throughout. Rebecca was honest but tactful throughout the whole situation. We couldn't have asked for anyone better. 

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