Tanya Furk-Stephens is the Therapies Directorate Data Systems and Information Officer in the Therapies Performance & Improvement Team at ELHT. She has been agile working since 2020.

"During the Covid-19 pandemic I was part of the shielded group and ended up working from home full-time. I invested in a new chair, keyboard, laptop raiser and mouse and set up a proper office at home.

Since then, my manager has allowed me to remain working from home with the agreement that I visit the site when it’s necessary for specific meetings or to liaise with colleagues. This has allowed me to manage my long term condition so much better and I am more productive.

My remote working has benefited both myself and The Trust in many ways. My travel time has reduced, most of my meetings are held on MS Teams and this helps to keep my stress levels down (I find noisy environments difficult to concentrate in), and thanks to my internet server being quicker than the one on-site I work faster and are therefore more productive.

This new way of working has been a massive benefit to me. I honestly believe that if I didn't have the option of Agile Working I would struggle to fulfill my role."