What clinical care can I receive in the treatment room?

Treatment rooms are able to provide clinical care in the following areas:

  • Wound care management
  • Removal of Sutures, Steri strips and surgical staples.
  • Leg ulcer assessment and treatment
  • Ear care clinics for the removal of ear wax. (Over 18’s only)
  • Catheter changes
What clinical care do treatment rooms not provide?

The following treatments are unable to be given within the majority of treatment rooms:

  • Administration of injections
  • Blood tests
  • Minor injuries

Please note some enhanced services are available at Great Harwood and Clitheroe Treatment rooms. For minor injury care please choose the correct service depending on the severity of the injury.

Who will I see at the treatment room?

You will be seen by a registered nurse who is part of the service team. The treatment room service is also a training placement for student nurses. You will be asked for your permission before being seen by a student nurse, who will be supervised at all times. If you have any concerns in respect of a student nurse treating you, please speak to the treatment room staff nurse.

How do I make an appointment for the Treatment Room?

Each community clinic or health centre will have a dedicated reception desk where you can make an appointment for your treatment. It is important you attend at your stated time or you may be asked to rearrange your appointment. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel or rearrange this as soon as possible in order for other service users to have the appointment.

Can I bring a member of my family or my carer to the appointment?

Yes - but please restrict this to one person in clinical areas. Patients under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult for their first treatment room visit.

Where are the treatment rooms in East Lancashire?

Treatment room clinics are held in the following Health Centres:

  • Acorn Primary Health Care Centre - 01254 736219
  • Bacup Primary Health Care Centre - 01706 235332
  • Clitheroe Health Centre - 01200 449117
  • Colne Health Centre - 01282 805834
  • Gt. Harwood Health Centre - 01254 736164
  • Haslingden Health Centre - 01706 235417
  • Padiham Health Centre - 01282 805692
  • Rossendale Primary Health Care Centre - 01706 235344
  • St. Peter’s Primary Health Care Centre, Burnley - 01282 805920
  • Yarnspinners Primary Health Care Centre, Nelson - 01282 805778

Information about your treatment

Wound care and dressings

Most dressings are supplied by the treatment room service for your care, but on occasion you may be asked to obtain a prescription from your GP’s surgery. If you are asked to change or remove your own dressing, you will be given information on how to change your dressing and correct hand hygiene techniques.

Leg ulcer assessment and treatments

The treatment room service is specialised in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of venous leg ulceration. If you have a wound on your lower leg which has not started to heal after three weeks or not completely healed after six weeks, please contact the treatment room for advice.

Ear care clinics for the removal of ear wax

Ear clinics are held on different weekdays in the various centres. Patients can self-refer for ear examination and irrigation (syringing), but prior to any treatment being undertaken, it is important to instill eardrops in order for the treatment to be successful. You will be given specific information on how to use eardrops when you make the appointment.

Catheter Clinics

Routine catheter changes are performed after an initial District Nurse assessment. These are carried out at designated centres.

When are the treatment rooms open?

Appointments can be made Monday to Friday at most health centres/clinics, with a Saturday morning treatment room being available at St. Peters Centre in Burnley.

Treatment Room Philosophy

Within the treatment room service, all staff strive to respect everyone’s privacy and dignity and provide excellent care. We aim to provide quality nursing care which is based on national best practice standards.

Appointments can be made directly with the Health Centre Reception at any of the named Health Centres via telephone or face to face.