What we do

The Tissue Viability Nurses and Dietitians are experienced in preventing and healing wounds. 

We aim to:
  • Improve the healing time of wounds
  • Improve quality of life
  • Prevent pressure ulcers/leg ulcers and skin damage
  • Initiate alternative treatments such as Topical Negative Pressure & Maggot Therapy
  • Help patients reach their goals by keeping skin and/or wound healthy and free from infection
Services Provided:
  • Specialist Dressings and Treatments
  • Topical Negative Pressure for management of some complex wounds
  • Maggot therapy as a debridement agent
  • Dietary advice to optimise the potential for wound healing
  • Sharp Debridement for removal of devitalised tissue
  • Education and Training for all levels of nursing, medical and paramedical staff
  • Support and education of patients and carers   

The service is provided within community clinics, patient homes, schools, care homes, acute and community hospitals or any other setting.

Telephone:      01254 736271 – Community Team

Telephone:      01254 732349 – Hospital Team

The service operates Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

Our team of nurses and dietitians are experienced in preventing and healing wounds.  We may use dressings, treatments, equipment or advice on dietary needs to prevent and manage wounds. 

There are leaflets available on pressure ulcer prevention, topical negative pressure, maggot therapy and general service information.  Please ask your nurse or contact the Tissue Viability Service for a copy.