The rheumatology physiotherapy service at ELHT consists of a three physiotherapists: A team leader physiotherapist, a specialist physiotherapist and a rotational physiotherapist.  

Rheumatology Physiotherapists help to restore movement and function when it is affected by their rheumatological diagnosis. We can also help to reduce your risk of developing problems in the future.

At ELHT rheumatology physiotherapy we take a holistic approach that involves the patient directly in their own care.

What we offer

If you have painful or weak joints, or you are having issues with reduced range of movement and swelling, you may benefit from graded exercise therapy. Exercise can make it easier for you to carry out everyday activities by:

  • Increasing blood flow to an area, allowing healing to take place and helping to remove waste products; such as inflammation
  • Improving your flexibility and  strength around the joint
  • Releasing endorphins which help to reduce the sensation of pain and improve sleep

A Physiotherapist will assess you and formulate an individualised exercise programme for you to take home and work with you in treatment sessions to gradually increase your exercise tolerance. 

We can talk to you about your energy levels and help to conserve these, alongside pacing your activities more efficiently. We can give advice on how to protect, use and reduce strain on your joints, to help avoid future problems.

Our physiotherapists may assess the quality of your walking, and analyse what they can do to make it easier. This may involve strengthening certain muscles, attempting to alter posture, or providing a walking aid.

We offer tailored exercise programmes within a warm pool which can provide short term pain relief, whilst also allowing a fuller range of movement for muscles and joints. This can reduce stiffness whilst also strengthening muscles using the resistance of the water.

Wax therapy can provide pain relief for those struggling with their hand function. The hand baths, again, use heat to increase range of movement and help.

Your rheumatology consultant/nurse/occupational therapist/ podiatrist can refer to the rheumatology physiotherapy service when indicated.