What we do

The Portering department provides a comprehensive 24-hour service in all areas of the Royal Blackburn Hospital and Burnley General Hospital.   Porters carry out a variety of tasks around the Trust such as transporting patients in beds or wheelchairs inside the hospital, maintaining entrances and exits, transporting specimens or medicines, collecting and delivering internal post and providing medical gases.

The porters also move food, linen and waste trolleys around the hospital site. Out of usual working hours, Porters also assist with other tasks around the hospital such as reception and transport duties.


The porter's uniform consists of a navy blue shirt and trousers with the Porters logo on the shirt pocket.  Depending on the working environment, body warmers and outdoor coats may also be worn.


All porters receive full training and regular refresher courses to help them carry out their job. Training takes place on the job and initially involves a short induction course covering general information about the hospital, health and safety issues, safe lifting techniques and other issues relating to the job.

Portering Helpdesk

Royal Blackburn Hospital                        01254 734177            

Burnley General Hospital                        01282 804410            

Pendle Community Hospital                   01282 804909