Libre 2 upgrades

The freestyle Libre 2 is now available for new and existing users.

This new upgrade introduces the following:

  • optional real-time alarms for high and low glucose. This means that if the glucose level goes above or below a particular value, you can be alerted to this rather than only finding out by scanning the sensor. 
  • improved accuracy and a reduced lag time of two minutes between blood and the scanned reading.

This will be a significant improvement for many of our patients and parents, and as such we have set up a system to allow everyone to be upgraded as easily as possible.

If you are a current user of Libre, log onto the e-learning platform where you completed your initial training for Libre (freestyle academy) and complete two modules:

  1. Freestyle Libre 2 glucose alarms features
  2. The importance of time in range

Both are new modules. You can access the e-learning here: libre academy

Once completed, screenshot your certificate and email it to: Please make sure you tell us who you are when sending!

We will then write to your GP and ask them to alter your prescription, and if you use the reader to scan, will give you the information on obtaining a new reader.