The Paediatric Physiotherapy service provide input into a number of special schools across East Lancashire, these include:

  • Holly Grove - Barden Lane, Burnley BB10 1JD

  • Ridgewood - Eastern Ave, Burnley BB10 2AT

  • Pendle View Primary - Gibfield Rd, Colne BB8 8JT

  • Pendle Community High - Oxford Rd, Nelson BB9 8LF

  • Broadfield - Coal Clough Lane, Burnley BB11 5BT

  • White Ash - Thwaites Rd, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington BB5 4QG

  • Newfield - Old Bank Lane, Blackburn BB1 2PW

What is our role in Special Schools?

The team provides therapy involvement on an individualised needs basis to optimise the physical, postural and gross motor needs for pupils to support their development, comfort and enjoyment whilst in school.

Each child will have an annual Physiotherapy assessment in which we invite you to attend.  This is an opportunity to discuss your child's needs, any challenges you may be facing at home, or any aspirations you have as a family.

Following the assessment, we will develop SMART goals centred around the child / young person and their family’s aspirations.  We will develop individualised therapy care plans based on a 24hr approach and will include postural management and safer handling plans.  We assess and recommend, where appropriate, specialist equipment such as standing frames, specialist walkers or sleep systems for use at school and/or home. 

We work closely alongside education staff, parents and carers to support them to become confident in carrying out the treatment and postural management plans that we recommend and how to build these into the child or young person’s daily routine at school and home.

If your child is on an active Physiotherapy caseload at the time of their Educational Health Care Plan annual review we will contribute to the report. We will liaise with the child or young person as well as the teaching staff who work with them and their family / carers to ensure we include and base our recommendations on your needs, goals and aspirations.

We regularly communicate with parents through the home school diaries or Physiotherapy communication sheets which we will send home to let you know if we have seen your child in school as well as the outcome.  If there any changes to their treatment plan, we will ring to discuss this with you.  If at any point you wish to speak to your child's physiotherapist or meet with them, please contact 01282 803587.

What we ask of you

We want to work with you to help your child to achieve their potential therefore it is important that the advice we provide is still suitable. If there are any concerns or you are unable to carry out any elements of your child's 24 hour plan, please get in touch as soon as possible. 

We are unable to make appointments for Orthotics, Occupational Therapy, Orthopaedics or Wheelchair Services and ask you to contact their departments directly if you have any concerns with your child's splints, specialist seating or wheelchair.