The nuclear medicine department at East Lancashire Hospitals Teaching Trust operates two gamma cameras (including one hybrid SPECT/CT gamma camera) and provides specialist radionuclide diagnostic imaging support across a wide variety of different medical specialities including oncology, cardiology, paediatrics, urology and orthopaedics. For example, the ELHT Nuclear Medicine department provide comprehensive radionuclide diagnosis and staging for a wide variety of oncology patients.

Nuclear medicine investigations are commonly used to investigate physiological changes and/or different disease processes. With the addition of hybrid imaging, we can now incorporate CT transmission data within our scans which provides important morphological data on the skeleton and organs which further improves patient management and diagnosis.

Our nuclear medicine team are highly skilled and includes consultant radiologists, advanced practitioners, cardiac stress leaders and reporting radiographers.

All nuclear medicine investigations are appointment-based.

The majority of nuclear medicine investigations are undertaken as outpatient appointments. We also provide inpatient investigations for the Trust hospital sites.

Referrals for nuclear medicine investigations come from a wide variety of different medical specialities including: GP practices, oncology, cardiology, urology and orthopaedics.

The Nuclear Medicine department is situated on Level 1 at Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital.

Please use the main hospital entrance and follow the signs for the x-ray department. The nuclear medicine department is located within the x-ray department at Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital.  

Catherine Osborne (Nuclear Medicine Modality Lead)

Catherine Osborne (Nuclear Medicine Modality Lead):

01254 735303 (ext:85303)

Victoria Daye (Nuclear Medicine Deputy):

01254 735303 (ext: 85303)

Dr Gavan (ARSAC Consultant Radiologist):

01254 734386 (ext: 84386)

Dr Kumar (ARSAC Consultant Radiologist):

01254 734533 (ext: 84533)

Nuclear Medicine Reception: 01254 734452 (Ext: 84452)


The Nuclear Medicine Department is open between the hours of 9am – 5pm (apart from bank holidays and weekends).

As the majority of nuclear medicine investigations are complex studies - please contact the nuclear medicine department via telephone or e-mail to discuss any specific queries regarding appointment preparation, scan acquisition etc.