The East Lancashire Prevention Preterm Birth Clinic is a clinic specialising in the management of pregnancies at risk of having a premature birth (less than 34 weeks) or very early rupture of membranes (waters breaking early).

Women are seen by a small team of dedicated midwives, midwife sonographers and a specialist consultant. Women may have a transvaginal scan and abdominal ultrasound scan of their baby performed at every visit with the frequency of visits flexible depending on patient need.

What happens at the clinic?

Extra treatment will be offered if you are at increased risk of having a preterm birth.

Where is the clinic?

The Preterm Birth Clinic is within the Antenatal Clinic at Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre, Burnley, BB10 2PQ. You will be directed to go to the Antenatal Wellbeing Unit once checked in at the main reception.

The clinic runs every Monday morning.

If you need to contact us our telephone number is 01282-804274 (Monday-Friday 08:45 - 17:00).

Additional support is available on the NHS website and the Tommy's website.​​​​​​​



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Anna Ratcliffe
Fiona Clarke
Lead Obstetric Consultant
Julie Dimbleby
Lead Midwife Sonographer
Lindsey Sellers