What we do

The Integrated Respiratory Service is a highly specialised respiratory nurse and exercise team providing respiratory services to patients who live in the Pennine Lancashire area. Our service operates across hospital and community settings ensuring that patients are able to access venues closer to home. This is a newly Integrated Respiratory Team and our aim is to continue developing innovative evidence based practice and showcase our achievements.

1. Nurse led Clinics: This service provides a range of nurse led clinics which are held at Royal Blackburn Hospital and surrounding centres. Clinics include: General Respiratory Clinics, Nebuliser Assessment Clinics, Xolair Injection Clinics, Hypertonic Saline and Nebulised Antibiotic Clinics and Oxygen Clinics.

2. Ward Reviews: The service aims to see all patients that are admitted to hospital with an exacerbation of COPD or asthma and also see any patients that need specialist input or oxygen for discharge and plans for care are agreed with medical staff to expedite discharge.

3. Oxygen Assessments: Assessments are provided for patients who may require Short Burst Oxygen, Ambulatory Oxygen and Long Term Oxygen Therapy. Patients in Blackburn and Darwen who require Long Term Oxygen Therapy will also be provided with assessments and reviews. This Service ensures that all patients have a safety review and that oxygen needs are assessed at each review. Patients that no longer fit the criteria for oxygen will be supported by the team with the removal of oxygen therapy and support from the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team will also be available.

4. Pulmonary Rehabilitation: 

The East Lancashire Pulmonary Rehabilitation service provides an exercise and educational programme designed to help patients with long term lung conditions, who feel they are limited by their condition.

The programme is twice a week for six weeks and is held at various locations across East Lancashire (Accrington, Clitheroe, Rawtenstall, Nelson and Burnley).

The gentle exercise component is designed to improve the patient's ability to perform functional tasks, whilst the education component is designed to give the patient a greater knowledge around their condition, allowing them to be more independent in the management of their condition.

- Health care professionals looking for further information and referral processes for the East Lancashire Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service please click here.

- Patients and the public looking for further information on the East Lancashire Pulmonary Rehabilitation service please click here

The services provided are held in a number of locations. 

Nurse led clinics as above are held at the Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital, Accrington PALS and Bacup Primary Health Care Centre 

Oxygen assessments are held at Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital and St Peters Centre

Tel: 01282 805514

Fax: 01282 457434

After 5pm a message can be left on the answer machine if you wish to contact the service and we will return your call. Or for more urgent matters please contact the out-of-hours GP or NHS direct after 5pm, weekends or Bank Holidays.


Integrated Respiratory Service
2nd Floor
St. Peters Health Centre
Church Street
Burnley, BB11 2D

Respiratory Services at Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital are open from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 4pm Weekends and 8am – 2pm Bank Holidays.

Oxygen Services at St. Peters are open from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services are open from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

• Please ensure you have comfortable shoes and clothing to do the walk test if this is specified on your letter. 
• Please bring a list of your medications and bring your inhalers and spacer device with you to your appointment. 
• If on antibiotics or steroids and you are attending for an oxygen assessment please contact the service for advice.