What we do

Patients and carers have told us that health and social care services could be easier to use and better coordinated or “joined-up”. Patients say that they often repeat the same information to different professionals which can be frustrating.

Our aim is to improve the coordination between different health and social care services to make it easier for patients to use and ensure that patients only need to tell their story once.

To help you, we have set up a way of working called the Integrated Neighbourhood Team (INT). By doing this we aim to improve coordination and communication between health (including GPs), social care and other partners and you, your family and carers.  We also aim to provide the services you need in your community when you need them.

To support this way of working, your GP has been asked to share access to your medical records when appropriate with health and social care organisations within your local neighbourhood team.  We do this to help ensure that patients get the right treatment and services that they need.

The members of the local health and social care services referred to as the Integrated Neighbourhood Team can include:

  • Local Primary Care Team including GPs and Practice Nurses
  • Nursing & Therapy services
  • Social Workers
  • Access to Mental Health Practitioner
  • Intensive Home Support Services
  • Social Prescribers
  • Clinical Case Management Lead & Coordinator Support

Whilst under the care of the INT, your case manager will be the INT Clinical Case Management Lead or a member of the INT team, giving you the opportunity to have one point of contact and we will work with you to develop a plan to address your individual needs.  We will support you to manage any conditions / concerns you may have.

Your case manager will regularly review your care plan whilst you are an INT patient and communicate with other people involved in your care and provide regular updates to your GP to make sure everyone is working together for you.

On discharge from the INT, you may be provided with contact details of the services involved in your care, who you can get in touch with directly if required in future.

How to access the service

You would normally be referred to the service by a health professional, or a representative from a social care organisation who feels you would benefit from the support of the Integrated Neighbourhood Team approach.  They will discuss this with you and gain consent to refer.

Following a referral, you or a family member may be contacted by the INT Clinical Case Management Lead for further information or to arrange a home visit.

Where to find us

We work across all East Lancashire localities, ensuring you can access services and support that is local to you.

How to contact us:


Burnley: elht.burnleyint@nhs.net

Hyndburn: elht.hyndburnint@nhs.net

Pendle West (Nelson and surrounding areas): elht.pendlewestint@nhs.net

Pendle East (Colne and surrounding areas): elht.pendleeastint@nhs.net

Clitheroe: elht.ribblesdaleint@nhs.net

Rossendale: elht.rossendaleint@nhs.net