Logistics Service - Manager Paula Taylorson

A trained dedicated professional Logistics service trained to high standards for external patient movements and all non- patients moving and handling both on the East Lancashire Hospitals Sites (ELHT) and within the East Lancashire Community.

The service is compliant with all compliant with legislation such as, the Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and Operates to the standards set by the Traffic commissioner for its larger vehicles and meets the Fleet Transport Association (FTA) standard for van excellence scheme.  All these contribute to supporting the patient pathways within all of ELHT sites.  All vehicles have vehicle tracking to allow the Trust to mange the governance of its fleet effectively and aslo allow quick and easy diverts of vehicles when extra work is required as a matter of urgency.

The Logistics service comprises of the following duties:

  • Provision of 24 regular scheduled runs from the two main sites Burnley General Teaching Hospital (BGTH) and Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital (RBTH) into the community serving GP’s, Community Health Centre, Clinics and other Health related buildings.  These runs go out on a daily basis Monday – Friday with a limited service at weekend.

·   Delivery of clean linen and removal of soiled linen from Wards and Departments.

·   Delivery of pulp items bed pans, urinals, vomit bowls, etc

·   Delivery and changing of medical gas cylinders on the Trust sites and delivery out into the community

·   Delivery of stores items such as new equipment, consumables, stationery Domestic stocks etc

·   Removal of out date or broken equipment for secure disposal and in line with Clincal Waste regulation, WEE regulations,

·   Dedicated waste teams trained in the safe removal and segregation of waste both clinical and non clinical waste streans ensuring compliance with road Transport Legislation

·   Secure transfer of Medical Records both on and off site

·   Specimen collection from GP’s/Clinics/Health Centres in Line with TDG

·   Safe and secure delivery of Pharmacy items around site and within the community

·   Delivery of sterilised medical instruments and collection of soiled instraments using the deregation allowed under the TDG

·   Safe and secure transfer of medical records to other hospitals clinics or schools

Key Objectives for Logistics Service are:

  • Updating of the automated booking system which is currently an old MS Dos system
  • Consistently deliver CIP targets and balanced budget
  • Bench mark service against other Trusts and external providers
  • Implement workforce plans
  • Review and provide service development plan in relation to increased activity
  • To implement a G1 tracking system within the Trust


For further information on transport services, please contact

Logistics Manager 01254 732237

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital 01254 732087  

Burnley General Teaching Hospital 01282 804567