The Lancashire Elective Centre is located on Level 0 Area 6 of the Burnley General Teaching Hospital.

Ward manager

The ward manager is Sister Vikki McLoughlin. Please contact Sister McLoughlin if you wish to discuss any aspect of the Elective Centre. (Telephone number 01282 805113)

Visiting times

Visiting times are from 14:00 - 19:30 PM
Please note that a maximum of 3 visitors per patient are permitted at any one time. We also ask relatives not to sit on the patient’s bed.

Enquiries about a patient/ relative

We recommend nominating one relative to ring the ward for information who then has the responsibility to communicate the information to the rest of the family. The telephone number is 01282 805113.

What do I bring with me?

Storage on the ward is limited and we recommend bringing only 1 small bag. Please ensure that you include:

  • your current medications
  • essential toiletries 
  • well fitting, non-slip slippers
  • night-wear

When are patients discharged?

We aim to discharge patients after breakfast if no other arrangements are required. There may be occasional delays if additional medications need to be dispensed by the pharmacy, prior to discharge. Please make appropriate arrangements for your transport home.

Additional information

There is a lot of useful information about coming into hospital on the hospital website, including who to inform, what to bring and what to expect. Please take a few minutes to read this as it will help answer some of the questions you may have about your stay. This can be found by clicking here.