What we do

The Colorectal team is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who deal with all aspects of Colorectal disorders within the colon, rectum and anus.

We were the first Hospital in Lancashire and Cumbria to start Robotic colorectal surgery for cancer patients and our team are leading the way in new advanced surgical procedures such as TEMS/TAMIS which are minimally invasive procedures for removing early rectal cancers and polyps.  We have also been undertaking CELS procedure which is a combined laprascopic and endoscopic approach used for challenging polyps in the colon. We also offer Open and Laparascopic procedures for both cancers and benign disease which as diverticular disease and inflammatory bowel disease.  

A good working relationship with other subspecialist such as Urologist, gynaecologist and plastic surgeons enable the colorectal team to undertake multiorgan resection for advanced cancers in the pelvis.  This service has dedicated team members who routinely come together to treat these conditions.   

East Lancashire Hospitals has one of the most comprehensive programme of robotic surgery in Lancashire, with the region’s leading surgeons performing robotic assisted surgery to remove head and neck, urological and colorectal cancers.

Our team is made up of dedicated Surgeons as well as Specialist nurses, Radiologists, Histopathologists, Oncologists and Enhanced Recovery Nurses.  Together we make sure that we are able to provide Safe, Personal and Effective Care for all.  

We are also privileged enough to have a team of Oncologists to provide those going through cancer treatment with the care they deserve.  We have two newly refurbished chemotherapy suites, one at Blackburn and the other at Burnley, providing cancer patients the ability to receive treatment close to home.

The Colorectal surgical team also work alongside the Gynaecologists to provide complex pelvic surgery for advanced benign disease.  We are proud to be the only centre in the North West who has this service with the Specialists operating together on a weekly basis to provide their patients with the care they need close to home.  

The Enhanced Recovery Programme is something ELHT prides itself in and every patient undergoing Colorectal surgery is placed on this pathway in order to enhance their recovery period, help them recovery quicker and reduce their hospital stay.  We have a dedicated team who will support you throughout the journey and offer ongoing support post operatively. Patients in the high risk group all undergo preoperative cardio pulmonary exercise testing  (CPEX) and further optimisation using prehabilitation in a dedicated surgery school.

Colorectal Consultants:


Mr Lyndon Jones: MBCHB, FRCSed

Mr Adnan Sheikh: MBBS, MRCS (Eng), MD, FRCS

Mrs Judith Salaman: MD, FRCSed

Mrs Jennifer Binnington: MBCHB, FRCS

Mr Louis Vitone: MBCHB, MD, FRCS

Mr Michael Gill: MBCHB, MD, FRCS

Mr Haytham Abudeeb: MBBS, FRCS

Mr Nick Heywood: MBBS, MD, FRCS


Colorectal Specialist Nurses: 01254 732781

Stoma Nurses: 01254 733609