Welcome to this presentation about breast pain.

There will be a combination of video clips and written information.

About breast pain


  • In the absence of other symptoms is unlikely to be due to cancer.
  • Rare to pick up a cancer in women over 40 with breast pain – usually a coincidental finding on the mammogram
  • Extremely rare to pick up a cancer in women under 40.

Types of breast pain
  • Usually at its worst just before a period
  • Affects both breast at the same time
  • Breasts feel swollen and heavy
  • Can be brought on by taking Hormones

Hormonal breast pain
  • Most women get it at some point in their lives.
  • It often goes away on its own
  • No need to attend clinic unless there are other symptoms (e.g. a lump)
  • No tests are done in the clinic
  • Some benefit from herbal remedies such as Agnus Castus.

What is referred pain?
  • Originates in the bones, nerves or muscles of the chest wall and shoulders

May be:

  • Dull and aching
  • Sharp shooting, stabbing
  • Associated with numbness or tingling
  • A feeling of swelling

Why do you feel pain in the breast?

Nerve (neuropathic) pain


Muscle pain


  • Muscle tightness on the chest wall can cause pain
  • Often tender to touch
  • Worse on movement
  • Treat by gentle massage and painkillers

Do I need to have any tests? 


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How can I make the pain better?
  • Take good care of your back – exercise and posture!
  • Exercise to improve your ‘core strength’ start gently with swimming, tai chi, yoga or pilates.
  • Painkillers when necessary
  • Massage for muscle tension
  • Learn some relaxation techniques if you tend to become stressed.