Please remember you are not on your own when you go home. If you or your family are worried about pain, wound problems, slow recovery, emotional support, poor dietary intake, weight loss or anything else, then please contact us. Don't wait until your next appointment, the sooner we know the quicker we can help prevent complications.

Lastly, remember your body needs time to heal, fuel and rest to repair. You won't be back to normal straight away but when you go home you must continue to increase your activity and progress as able.

Gradually increase your activity levels back to your pre-surgery levels, ensuring that you give yourself rest periods as required.

If support is required initially on discharge home, this will be arranged before you leave the ward.

You should aim to return to your normal diet when you return home, â€‹unless your Consultant, dietician or Specialist nurses have advised you otherwise. Digestion can take time to settle down after surgery, you may need to experiment with your diet to find out if any foods cause a problem for you.

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