After surgery and for a while after discharge you are at higher risk of developing a blood clot. If appropriate you will be given anticoagulation therapy to reduce risk of VTE (blood clots).

Whilst in hospital you will wear compression stockings and initially after surgery you may also have Flowtrons. These are like large blood pressure cuffs that go over your calf muscles and pump up intermittently.

You can also reduce your risk by keeping moving, getting out of bed as soon as you can after your operation and drinking plenty fluid to keep hydrated.

PXL_20210929_101155186.PORTRAIT.jpgMost patients also get a daily injection of a blood thinning drug, usually given in the tummy or the top of the leg. Whilst in hospital the nurses will teach you how to give this injection because you may need this for 28 days following surgery. A family member or friend can be involved if necessary.

You can view an information leaflet on VTE by clicking here.


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