Undergoing surgery is a lot like running a marathon. Your body requires training and nutrition in the weeks and days before and after for the best recovery. Take a look below for three top tips for eating well before surgery:

thumbnail_image (1).pngIt is important that you eat well prior to surgery to help with your post operative recovery. Being well nourished reduces risks of post-op complications and your length of stay in hospital. However, always follow any Consultant or Dieticians instructions if given first.

thumbnail_image (1).pngTry to eat a varied, nutrient rich, balanced diet from when your surgeon tells you that you are going to have surgery. We want to protect your body by eating well.

Inclthumbnail_image (1).pngude regular protein sources in your diet such as lean meats, fish, eggs, beans and pulses, milk and cheese. Muscle loss can occur quickly so try to include some protein at each meal.

If you are losing weight unintentionally, add extra calories to your meals by adding butter, cheese or full fat milk. Nourishing drinks such as cups of milk, hot chocolate and Horlicks will provide additional calories and try to precent any further weight loss. If you are concerned about weight loss, please ask to be referred to a dietician for assessment and consideration of nutritional supplement drinks on prescription.