Who we are

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We are East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

We provide hospital services for the people of East Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen, and community health services for the people of East Lancashire.

We want to ensure that everyone who uses our services receives the best possible care.

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To make sure that our services are working well, we need to know what patients, their families and carers think. This is called patient experience.

This is what we are doing over the next 4 years to find out what patients, their families and carers think about our services.


What health care services should be like

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  • Health care should be provided in a comfortable, caring environment
  • You should feel safe and well looked after

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  • You should be treated in a calm, caring, timely and reliable way by staff
  • You should be given information so you feel confident and able to make choices

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  • Staff should listen to you and treat you with honesty and respect
  • You should be treated as an individual
  • Everyone should have a say in health care

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What we will do

We have 5 important values which describe how we will deliver high standards of safe, personal and effective care to patients.

Put patients first

We will take time to care for you and provide care and treatment that respects and meets your needs and values. 

We will provide information to you and your carer about the help that is available.

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Respect the individual

We will listen to the views of patients, their families and carers and act on them. We will provide help for you and make sure you and your carer get the right support.

It is about having a say in your care and treatment.

It is about being asked what you think.

It is about being listened to.

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Act with Integrity

This is about being open, honest and fair.

We will make sure you are supported if you are not happy with your care and say sorry if things don’t go to plan.

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Serve the Community

We will work with everyone to make our services as good as they can be. Professionals and patients will work together:

  • When a new service is planned
  • When a service is changed in some way

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Promote Positive Change

We will look at what patient’s tell us and use this to learn and to make changes.

We will use your ideas in our staff training.

We will provide help to our staff so that they can work with you, your family and carer to make services better.

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How we find out about patient experience

We use surveys to find out what patients and carers think.

A survey is a set of questions.

For example, you might be asked to fill out a survey when you are in hospital.

You might also be asked to fill out a survey after you have left hospital.

You can use these surveys to say what you think about the care you have been given.

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We look at any complaints that have been made about our services. Anyone can make a complaint by contacting our Customer Relations Team:

Customer Relations Team


Tel: 01254 733700

Park View Offices

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

Haslingden Road

Blackburn BB2 3HH

What we do with information on patient experience

We will share the information on patient experience with

  • People who run health care services
  • Patients
  • Carers
  • The Public

We will share the information

  • On our website
  • Through our staff newsletter and team brief
  • At staff meetings
  • At staff training and other events

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Working together

We want to hear from all patients, families and carers about the services we provide.

Please take part if you are asked to fill out a survey