“I would encourage other overseas doctors to come and work here. The Trust is welcoming and helpful in giving us an opportunity that otherwise might be difficult to come by.”

Taimur Hijazi is a Clinical Fellow Anaesthesia and Critical Care at Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital. A former Foundation Trainee in Pakistan, Taimur has been with the Trust for almost four years.

He said:

"I came to East Lancashire Hospital Trust in February 2019. My first job in the UK, the Trust was very helpful when it came to applying for mine and my wife's visas and we both found it very easy to settle in. Going through the experience and transition together made a huge difference.

I spend most days in theatre (like an anaesthetic trainee) and my on-call duties are in ICU. I also do general theatre and maternity on calls as required or if there is a gap that needs covering - I am always happy to help the department.

Taimur HijaziThe best thing for me has been the anaesthetic/ICU department. Everyone has been extremely helpful and encouraging from day one. All the consultants have helped me so much and have been instrumental in getting me where I am today. Words cannot express how grateful I am to them and the Trust.

Since February 2012 I have been doing the anaesthetic training program. This mirrors the national core training program and means I am exposed to the same learning and training opportunities as any core trainee. It has been immensely helpful and it enabled me to realise my dream of becoming an anaesthetist and intensivist.

Moving to the UK has enabled myself and my wife to both become Clinical Fellow Anaesthesia and Critical Care and put down roots and settle. We get to work and train at the same hospital which has been amazing. I am truly humbled by the confidence everyone at the Trust has shown us and I owe this department my career."

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