Published on: 9 November 2022

Local occupational therapists are sharing their ‘life hacks’ with the community as the profession is celebrated nationally this week.  

OT life hacks are small, simple ways that people can make changes in their life that will benefit them and therapists from East Lancashire have taken to social media to share theirs with local residents. 

Occupational Therapy Apprentice, Emma Gudgeon works with people for whom a task such as putting on their own socks can be a challenge, so she wanted to share her tip for making this easier: “It can be frustrating having to get help with a task that you feel you should be able to carry out independently such as putting on your own socks.  

“So my Occupational Therapy life hack is to use a foot stool or small box to rest your feet on and bring them closer to your hands.  

“By sitting on the bed or a chair and placing your feet on a stool or box, you will have less distance to reach. This could enable you to do the task unassisted.” 

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