Published on: 16 January 2024

Maternity clinics which were held within the Burnley Birth centre area will now be transferred to another area of the Burnley site.

From Monday, 22 January 2024 the Maternity Newborn Blood Spot Clinic and the Burnley Birth Centre Community Midwife clinic will relocate to the Childrens Outpatients Department 2  (COPD2) at Burnley General Hospital, Area 10. 

The Childrens Outpatients Department 2 can be accessed via the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) entrance. At the entrance of the urgent treatment centre turn left, through the waiting area and via the door for the Childrens Outpatient Department into the outpatient waiting room. There is no need to 'Check in' at the Urgent Treatment Centre reception. Just proceed through the waiting area on the left and follow the signs for the Blood Spot Clinic and the Midwifery Clinic.

The door into the Childrens Outpatient 2 area will be open between the hours of Monday to - Friday 8am -6pm and outside of these hours, at the weekends, there is a buzzer system.  Please also note that the reception desk within the Childrens Outpatients is unmanned so please come in and take a seat and wait for staff to call you through for your appointment. The Midwife Clinic and Blood Spot Clinics will be held in Rooms 1 and 2.