Published on: 15 June 2021

Please see below our latest statement issued in relation to ongoing industrial action by some of our Biomedical scientists: 

Kate Quinn, Operational Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “This action is the latest phase of an ongoing dispute between the Trust and some of our Biomedical Scientists, which has been a long and difficult process for all involved.    

“In ​May 2019, a collective grievance was raised by some of our Biomedical scientists in relation to their pay banding under the Agenda for Change NHS grading and pay system. This initiated a thorough evaluation of the roles and responsibilities of the people involved and it was agreed that it was fair and appropriate that they should be rebanded to a higher pay grade.    

“Those colleagues were subsequently upgraded from a Band 5 to a Band 6 in October 19 and they received back pay up to the date the grievance was raised, in line with our contractual obligations under Agenda for Change. This ensures a fair and equitable system for anyone going through a similar process. The Trust also agreed at the time that any claims for further back pay would be dealt with on an individual basis​ and this was done, resulting in the Trust determining that no further back pay was due. An appeal against the outcome was lodged and an appeals process was undertaken. Supported by our staff-side colleagues, the outcome of this upheld that no further pay was owed.    

“Of course, not all of our workforce have been taking part in the action and those that are continuing to work have been incredible in ensuring that patient safety is not compromised during the industrial action by working extra shifts. Managers have also stepped in where necessary therefore it is only right and fair that they receive the correct recompense for doing this and is within the industrial action protocols.    

“Thanks to the contingency measures put in place, urgent tests have continued to be provided during this course of action. These measures will continue to be in place to ensure that patient safety remains uncompromised.    

“The wellbeing of our workforce is also of the utmost importance and we are supporting all of our colleagues who are directly or indirectly affected by the industrial action. Of course, we are open to further discussions with colleagues and staff-side representatives. However our position remains firm and we will not be offering any additional payment.”