Published on: 25 February 2021

Consultant Medical Oncologist at ELHT, Dr Hassan Shikhrakab, has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence award in the 2021 IWantGreatCare Awards, which recognises those clinicians who are most highly and consistently recommended by their patients.

The award is presented to leading clinicians, clinics and surgeries across the UK in recognition of the great care they deliver to their patients. The award winners are chosen by reviews on the IWantGreatCare website, which now features over 6 million reviews, making it the largest independent source of patient feedback in the UK.

Proud winner, Dr Hassan Shikhrakab said:


“This is a great achievement and appreciation from my patients throughout my journey with them in their cancer treatment. I would like my thanks to my great team of expertise, including nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants, secretaries, porters and pharmacists who have always performed to their full potential and more.


I see this award as an extension in my journey of the care and safety of many of my patients and can proudly say that I see this certificate as a confirmation of my hard work and dedication after many years in the NHS.

Jon Twinn, Managing Director of iWantGreatCare, commented:

"It feels like the Certificates of Excellence are needed by the profession more this year than ever before. Despite the challenges of 2020, which affected patients and caregivers alike, thousands of patients across the UK continued to leave reviews every month - for doctors, nurses, GP Practices, hospitals, physios and many others.

“It is truly inspirational to read the reviews of this year’s winners. When patients see an iWantGreatCare Certificate of Excellence, they know they will be receiving truly great care from one of the UK’s very best clinicians.”

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