Published on: 20 October 2020

Today (21 October 2020) we are celebrating Global Clinical Engineering Day, and the amazing work our Clinical Engineers do at East Lancashire Hospital Trust to keep our hospital running and our patients safe.

Clinical Engineers work with various medical professionals and scientists in order to develop new innovations in healthcare, such as diagnostic equipment and drug therapies.

Medical equipment is integral to delivering quality patient care, and effective management is a key function of clinical engineering. Every team member is central to ensuring these devices are appropriately maintained for optimum performance and safety.

Arif Patel, Associate Director of Technology Enabled Care at ELHT, said:

“I am immensely proud of the service we continually provide here at the Trust. Alongside our core responsibilities, the department endeavours to provide a clinically integrated, holistic medical equipment management service, overseeing all aspects from procurement to disposal, and liaising with numerous clinical and non-clinical stakeholders along the way.

Global Clinical Engineering Day gives us an opportunity to showcase our services and enables recognition of the essential role Clinical Engineering plays in healthcare.”

To find out more about what our Clinical Engineering roles involve, watch the video below.

Tony Petrou, EBME manager, said:

“For me I regard each piece of equipment we maintain as something that could potentially be used to treat or even save someone’s friend or family member. We never forget this or underestimate the impact of our contribution, we are proud that we help make a difference.”


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hello my name's tony and i'd like to say


clinical engineering day i'm the ebme


for the trust and i joined in march a


challenging time as we all know but

today is all about celebrating

a technician's work and how they keep

all your medical devices

safe and available for use

welcome to clinical engineering day i'm

martin i'm one of the team leaders

within clinical engineering

been with this trust now for about 35

years started my journey as an

apprentice electrician

before gaining the opportunity to become

a junior engineer within ebme and

clinical engineering

and from then on i've worked my way up

to the role of team leader

hi welcome to clinical engineering day

my name is derek

i've worked for this trust for 20 years

and previously that i went to the

private medical sector

for going on 25 years

so you know i'm glad we're being


hi i'm javerio i'm one of the clinical

engineers in the ebme department

after completing my degree at university

i applied for a job here

and now i'm just trying to progress in

my role hi i'm rebecca

one of the clinical trainee engineers


i did the apprenticeship pathway and

wanting to advance my career in clinical