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Pictured: Sameea and Rokiya Laher

A mother and daughter who have both been treated at the new Lancashire Elective Centre at Burnley General Teaching Hospital have praised the facility for its high level of care in a pleasant environment.

Rokiya Laher, 65, who lives in Blackburn, was one of the first patients to be treated at East Lancashire NHS Hospital Trust’s new Lancashire Elective Centre.

Mrs Laher, who is married to Ismail and has six children and 10 grandchildren, was admitted to the centre at 7am on the day of opening to undergo keyhole surgery on her knee.

She was delighted to be able to return home to her family that evening rather than having to stay overnight and says the centre was less intimidating as it did not feel like a hospital.

Mrs Laher said: “I had found that all of a sudden when I was walking, my knee would give way and I would fall.

“This was happening three or four times a week so I began using a walking stick.

“One day, my knee was causing me such severe pain, I went to the doctor and I was sent for X-rays and scans at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

“They told me my knee had been dislocated and I also had arthritis in the knee and I needed an operation.”

Mrs Laher was told she could have keyhole surgery on her knee at the new Lancashire Elective Centre and she says she was highly satisfied with her treatment and care.

She said: “The new centre was very modern, quiet and private and it did not feel like a hospital so was not as frightening.

“The nurses and staff were all really friendly and it was a very smooth experience.

“I was relieved to be able to go home that same day as I wanted to go home and be comfortable with my family in familiar surroundings.”

Daughter Sameea says she was impressed at the dignified and caring way in which her mother was treated.

She said: “My mum’s English is not that good and she was even given an interpreter who was with her throughout the procedure so she knew what was going on and felt at ease.

“Her knee is much better and she is no longer in pain or having falls.”

Sameea, 36, who also lives in Blackburn and is married with three children, has also experienced treatment first-hand at the Lancashire Elective Centre.

Sameea, who works for Blackburn and Darwen Council’s children services, said: “I am severely anaemic and I come to the centre for regular iron transfusions when my iron levels become too low.

“The new infusion suite is much nicer and is modern and has a calm and relaxed environment.

“I particularly like the fact that I am in a reclining chair rather than a hospital bed as it stops me feeling like an ‘ill person.’

“I don’t want to be thought of as ill and I now feel like I am just coming in for a quick procedure.

“Both myself and my mum have had a very positive experience of the new Lancashire Elective Centre.”

CASE STUDY 2 – “It helps keeps me out of hospital”

Susan Hacking, 62, who lives in Nelson, is a regular patient at the Lancashire Elective Centre.

Susan has short bowel syndrome and has lost all her large bowel and most of her short bowel.

As a result, she has to visit attend the centre three times a week for magnesium infusions.

Susan said: “I have to come to the centre three times a week and it takes six hours for the infusion.

“I think this new centre is super as you get to know the staff better and they are all wonderful.

“Nothing is too much trouble for them and they work really hard.

“The best thing about this elective centre is that it keeps me out of hospital.”


Although the Lancashire Elective Centre at Burnley General Teaching Hospital has only been open just over a year, it has already attracted high words of praise from patients.

Last month, 100 per cent of patients said they would recommend the centre to friends and family.

Here are some of the comments from patients treated at the centre:-

“Wow! It felt like you had attended a five-star hotel. Unbelievable staff and care.”

“Excellent staff from start to finish. Brilliant bedside manner and more than willing to go above and beyond. Proud to have such amazing people in the NHS.”

“As a member of staff knowing how stretched the NHS is, I was extremely impressed with the care from checking in to being discharged. The staff are a credit to East Lancashire Hospital.

“Overall, my experience today has been excellent. From the moment I arrived, I have been treated with the utmost care, compassion and professionalism.”