Latest blog posts from the CEO

Chief Executive Kevin McGee issues a weekly blog to discuss his thoughts on what has been happening within the Trust and also how national or even world events affect patients and staff here at ELHT. 

Posted: 28 June 2019
MPs, Murphy's Law and eMployee of the Month!

As you know probably NHS England and NHS Improvement have merged, and on Monday morning.....

Posted: 21 June 2019
The Big, Better and Breaking Blog

If he’d blogged one day later, Martin would have told you that last Saturday we achieved 95 per cent.....

Posted: 14 June 2019
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

This week's blog has been written by guest blogger Martin Hodgson, Director of Service Development and Deputy Chief Executive. This week’s blog is dedicated to the hardworking staff who continually find opportunities to improve and provide better services to patients, in spite of the difficulties they face.

Posted: 7 June 2019
A whirlwind week!

This week's guest blogger is Director of Service Development and Deputy Chief Executive Martin Hodgson. Martin tells is what he has been up to this week while he has been standing in for Damian and Kevin.

Posted: 31 May 2019
Trust in progress

Hello everyone, Damian here! Last Friday I attended a regional launch event for.....

Posted: 24 May 2019
Checking in ...

Chief Executive, Kevin McGee returns to blogging this week to update us on what he has been up to and to 'check-in' with staff.

Posted: 24 May 2019
My review of the week!

Acting Chief Executive, Dr Damian Riley talks about some of the great ELHT services he has had the privilege to visit this week in his latest blog.