Published on: 9 June 2020

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Dear Colleagues,

Having been off last week, I am keen to touch base with you all with the latest of my regular messages.

Last week was a historic one for equality and, I hope, a watershed moment in the fight against racism in all its forms. This is a personal message from me to every single member of staff, so please share it widely with colleagues who may not access email. We will not tolerate racism. To my black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues – we stand with you.

I am very conscious that is easy to make such statements. Words can be impressive, yet empty. We know that actions speak louder than words and whilst we have, undoubtedly taken some action to tackle equality and diversity and address unconscious bias, we must do more, and we must do it now.

I can assure that you all that I am proud of our increasingly diverse workforce, and we all serve and care about (and for) our diverse community. We will play our part in creating a society free from discrimination and a workplace that is safe, happy and where everybody – with or without protected characteristics  – can thrive.

With my best regards and enthusiasm for our new future.